Adorable Monthly ® DECEMBER 2018 THEME

October 28, 2018

Around the world in 8 candles!

This idea was tossed around a few times, and we’ve finally nailed down all the details to bring you a themed box unlike anything you’ve ever had before! Each box will have 4 (out of 8 possible candles) chosen at random. These candles will symbolize 8 parts of our globe, be it countries, continents or culture. Where will your box take you? You’ll have to wait for your box and passport to arrive to find out!
Question: Which your favorite country, and why?


March 2019 Theme

January 29, 2019

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February 2019 Adorable Monthly Theme

December 29, 2018

February is full of love! Valentine's day seems to last all month now, and everyone’s gushy lovey happiness overflows into all our shows, movies, and books across the board. February is for lovers! And this February is no different, we’re taking all the most iconic love clichés and bringing them to life via way of fragrance. Lock in ladies, it’s going to be a sexy ride.

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January 2019 Adorable Monthly Theme

November 28, 2018

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★★★★★ Over 1,000 5 STAR Reviews

★★★★★ Over 1,000 5 STAR Reviews

1578 reviews

Love, love, love this scent. Its intoxicatingly deep, and I can’t get enough of it. This is exactly what I picture my favourite literary bad boys smelling like. The sandalwood and ginger dominate and make for a spicy, musky scent.

Those must be the tannins....

I don’t know anything about wine. The only things I know are I red wine with notes of chocolate or coffee, and I like this candle. This candle is a lot sweeter than sniffing wine, but it has that warm smell. It is also a stunning plum color. I will definitely be ordering this one again.

A perfect pair

Vanilla ice cream with hot fudge. Chocolate cake with vanilla frosting. Hot chocolate with vanilla whipped cream. These are what this candle smells like. Natasha never makes a bad smelling chocolate candle and I freaking love it!!!!

Sexy man

I am not the biggest fan of cologne scented candles, but this one is perfectly balanced with the tobacco and sandalwood scent notes. It really is perfectly named

Love at first sniff

This candle is unbelievable! It smells like a creamsicle and a raspberry mixed into one. It is the perfect combo of sweet and a hint of tart citrus