April 30, 2018

To celebrate an entire year of Adorable Monthly we have named our June 2018 box theme:




As the majority of our subscribers are self-proclaimed booknerds, we’ve decided to give the people what they want, and that’s a box full of bookish inspired candles and goodies! This box will include a layered candle, a newly designed bookmark, and a little extra something to celebrate our box’s first birthday!

Books and literature bring about endless entertainment, an emotional journey through the lives of people and creatures both fictional and real, and we couldn’t pass up this opportunity to bring our own personal love of reading flare to this box! Be prepared for some Dio magic!

What is your island book? In a world where the internet doesn’t exist and you can’t just hop on a kindle to load thousands of books… you must have a single book you could read over and over and over again.

For me, it’s Hunger Games. Lucky for me, I’m pretty sure my husbands’ is Game of Thrones. So in this scenario where we would be lost on some island out in the middle of nowhere, at least we’d have 2 fantastic books between us.

★★★★★ Over 1,000 5 STAR Reviews

★★★★★ Over 1,000 5 STAR Reviews

1403 reviews
Was pleasantly surprised!

I didn't know what to expect with a name like chillax, but chillax I did! This candle smells like mint gum and it calms everyone in my house down within minutes. Not even kidding. Will need the bigger size. If your house is crazy, you need this candle. If your a mom, you need this more than everyone else!


I love this candle! My wife gave it to me from one of her monthly boxes and it smells just like a glass of whiskey. Will buy again

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