April 2019 theme

February 27, 2019

Our favorite story is coming to a visual end this Spring, and we cant even. We will be anxiously awaiting the last 2 books, which we hypothesize will be out shortly thereafter. (fingers crossed) To usher in this very emotional end to what we believe is the most complex storytelling of our time, we’re dedicating a whole box! While we already have 8 Throne related items in the shop, we couldn’t help but add another 4 more! This special box will also come with a double-sided printed wooden bookmark!


Call your banners, we’re locking you in for the long night with this one!

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2450 reviews

The spearmint and fresh mown grass give this candle such a wonderful and very pleasant smell.

Buttery and sweet

A very strong, sweet berry smell with a hint of buttery popcorn.

My fave Christmas candle!

This right here, reminds me of Christmas time! Sitting around the Christmas tree, listening to music and opening presents. It's has that typical, fresh cut Christmas tree smell. I love it!


It has a very strong musk like smell to it. Reminds me of men's cologne / deodorant. A very powerful scent.


Totally reminded me of sweetarts. It's has a very sweer as well as fruity, floral smell to it.