Top 10 Most Interesting Fall Scents

Love fall but can't be a basic bitch about it? Don't worry, we got you covered in these fall scents that are anything but ordinary! 

10. Cashmere Cedar | Scent Profile: Cedarwood - Velvet Musk - Wool

A cedar so soft but strong you'd have to smell it to believe it. This fragrance sneaks into this list simply because it has a masculine fan base that claim the ladies love it as well. Warm and sensual and perfect for fall!

9. Season's Change | Scent Profile: Fruit Medley - Eucalyptus

What's interesting about this fragrance is the marriage between sweet summer's end fruit and a cool crisp eucalyptus that sends your senses soaring. You've never smelled anything like it before, and yet - it smells so familiarly of fall. 

8. Home Cooked Meal | Scent Profile: Sweet Potato - Savory Spices

A savory candle? Yup! While this scent isn't for everyone, the people who like it love it. This warm and spicy, savory and slightly sweet fragrance will warm your home like you've been cooking up something so delicious the door-dash delivery guy will wonder why you bothered ordering out...again. 

7. Butterscotched | Scent Profile: Butterscotch Beer Scented

This isn't your basic butterscotch scent. This fragrance has complex layers of spice to balance the sweetness in a perfect way. 

6. Friday Night Lights | Scent Profile: Grass - Night Air

If you love (fantasy) football like me, then you'll want to smell this when you're neck and neck with some d-bag that thinks they're going to talk shit until the end of time. It puts me in a good mood, and you know the wins are all about good vibes (and how loud you can shout at the TV for your player to get their ass in gear.)

5. Bonfire | Scent Profile: Smoky Driftwood

Personally, I made this fragrance because I felt all the other bonfire scents I've smelled in my life were a little too smoky and I wanted something more relaxing, and less like I was worried that my house was on fire. This scent still has some smokiness to it, but there is a depth of berry and spice as well that really makes this fragrance one-of-a-kind. 

4. Ancient Egypt | Scent Profile : Amber - Musk

Sure egypt is in the hot desert and that makes you think of summer, but this warm amber resin is captivating in its ability to scent your space with spice and musk without being overbearing. Perfect for a fall night in!

3. Blustery Day | Scent Profile: Dirt - Leaves - Rain

Coming in at the top 3 spot is a fresh meets spicy dance in the wet leaves kind of scent. If you crave a rainy fall day then look no further. The fresh scent of petrichor paired with leaves is the best scent ever for quintessential fall! 

2. Hoodie Weather | Scent Profile: Heather Cotton - Autumn Air

Not to be confused with the fancy sweater weather folk. Hoodies are something you wear over and over again until they're dirty enough to be embarrassing to wear out into public. The musky undertone is what separates this scent from basic wannabes. 

1. True North | Scent Profile: Maple Syrup - Damp Decaying Leaves

Oh sweet decay. No really. This is the best fall scent that nobody else can even come close to matching. A true maple scent that's not cloying paired with spice and sweet decay. 


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