Are you a candle hoarder? Do you love trying new scents? Our Adorable Size Candles® are just what you need! And they're going to surprise you! These little candles pack a serious punch! The firstborn in our Adorable family stands 1.75" tall and is 1.75" wide, holding precisely 1 delicious ounce of Dio Candle scented wax!  Adorable Size Candles burn between 11-15 incredible hours when burned at 2-3 hour intervals and are the perfect way to enjoy new scents quickly!
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Did you mean, “Mt Heavens”!?!

Fresh. Airy. Clean. Pineyyyyy! I love love love this candle and will miss it very much.


This candle smells so unbelievably good! It carries very well when burning and fills the space nicely. Would definitely buy again.

Mind Clearing Bliss

This my friends is bliss in a jar. Do you want some inner peace and a clear mind? Light this baby up. The eucalyptus will open your lungs, and the spearmint will wake up the brain, and then you'll be on your way to true enlightenment. Or you'll be able to conquer Monday. Both are awesome. Oh, and the label is really pretty too.

Mysterious and Romantic

I love the romance and mystery of this scent. When I saw that it was perfume-scented, I'll admit, I was worried because floral perfumes are my asthmatic kryptonite, but I was very pleasantly surprised at how delicate and airy the scent is. Okay, Natasha, you've won my trust, I've never had a problem with any of your flowery or musky scents yet, so in the future, I'll relax and give them a try. This candle is intriguingly alluring, and I feel glamorous when it's lit like I'm an heiress being courted by a duke, or a golden age Hollywood star. Spoiler, I'm neither of those things.

This Deserves All The Stars!

Look, its lime and sugar, so it's already guaranteed to be a hit in my house. I love sweet smells, and my husband hordes anything from the citrus family like a jealous dragon. But then you go and add a cool label with 9 different possible designs, and glitter? It's pretty much all my weaknesses in one. It's fresh, sweet without being cloying, and reminds me so much of a refreshing margarita. We had to agree to only light it when we are both here because neither of us wants to miss out on any seconds of this delicious scent.