Dragonfly Inn Candle

Scent: Apples - Cinnamon - Fresh Baked Pies

Smells like

Apples - Cinnamon - Fresh Baked Pies

This is the perfect fall pick me up to brighten your spirit and emulate the very essence of Stars Hollow! So many different things to love about a show that touches your heart, and this scent captures all of them!

Customer Reviews

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This scent reminds me of fall with its hint of apple. It's true that you can smell the candle before opening the box. The only issue I had was the scent was faint during the first use. However, the scent was stronger afterward which was a pleasant surprise.

I feel like I’m at The Dragonfly inn

This candle has given me all the feels of Stars Hollow and the beautiful Dragonfly Inn. The smell reminds me of chef Sookies desserts and the colour of fall in Stars Hollow; beautiful candle

Stars Hollow Perfection

I bought this as a gift and it's SO lovely. A great fall blend that I may have to come back and get for myself! Quick shipping, as always!

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Imagine being a kid and eating Froot Loops for breakfast. This is LEGIT! It smells like crushed up cereal. It’s exactly like my favorite childhood breakfast and brings back all the nostalgia. Thanks mom for letting me eat sugary cereal for breakfast on the regular, and thanks to Natasha and Mike for making a candle that smells the exact same!

Floral and tropical

I will be honest, this candle was not my favorite because I thought it was quite strong. But with that said...my friend was OBSESSED with it! She said it was her favorite out of this months Adorable Monthly. I personally gravitate towards fruity or sweeter scents, but she loves floral and fruity. So if that’s what you love, you will adore this one.

New favorite souvenir

This candle is so perfect. Not only were all of these labels customized for everyone (which is incredible in itself) but it smells absolutely amazing. At first I thought it smelled like chai tea, but that’s because I have a coconut chai tea and it smells exactly the same. This is one you need to add to your collection.

Wrapped in comfort

This candle smells exactly like jumping into a freshly made, clean and cozy bed.

Now, THIS is summer!

Coconut will always bring to mind suntan lotion, days at the beach or pool, playing outside until dusk, melting popsicles, and the sound of children yelling and playing. The coconut aroma IS summer in my mind. This little beauty evokes all of that. It's another candle I want to burn now but also want to wait to light until winter when the doldrums settle in. Having your name on the label is a great little addition and one of the reasons I love Dio candles!