Souvenir Customizable Candle

Scent: Coconut - Spice

Smells like

Coconut Spice

Ever go on vacation and can’t find your name on anything in the gift shop? Don’t worry, we got you covered! This insane blend of creamy coconut, cinnamon and allspice is the extra summer fun you’ve been looking for, plus it has your name on it!

Customer Reviews

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Personalized Touch

Loved the personalization as I rarely find my name on anything in gift shops these days. Sometimes coconut can be a little overpowering in a candle but this had just the right balance of coconut and spice.

My favorite candle ever!

I’ve never had any personalized things so having a personal candle is my favorite thing. The scent is a creamy coconut and soft spice.

Made for Me

I'm head over heels in love with this candle. It is absolute perfection. The creamy coconut and cinnamon are a combination of two of my favourite things, and this candle straight up smells like Fall. Also, first souvenir ever with my name on it!

I love this

This was such a treat to see a candle with my name on it. I squealed and had a moment when I opened my package and the scent is just perfect! This candle was a real surprise and a definite treat!

It’s Got My Name On It

This candle is so perfect for me, and that makes it the perfect souvenir. I love the coconut and spice scent, it’s sweet without being too sweet and really comforting, perfect year round! The label is all my favourite colours and I LOVE that it comes personalized- such a thoughtful touch. This is a must have for any Dio collection.

New favorite souvenir

This candle is so perfect. Not only were all of these labels customized for everyone (which is incredible in itself) but it smells absolutely amazing. At first I thought it smelled like chai tea, but that’s because I have a coconut chai tea and it smells exactly the same. This is one you need to add to your collection.

Now, THIS is summer!

Coconut will always bring to mind suntan lotion, days at the beach or pool, playing outside until dusk, melting popsicles, and the sound of children yelling and playing. The coconut aroma IS summer in my mind. This little beauty evokes all of that. It's another candle I want to burn now but also want to wait to light until winter when the doldrums settle in. Having your name on the label is a great little addition and one of the reasons I love Dio candles!

How fun is this?!?

This one smells so delicious. I love the scent of coconut, it's definitely a favourite, and it is just the most wonderfully tropical scent! The label is absolutely GORGEOUS, with its geometric pattern and the different colours used!!!! Cannot wait to get burning this one!!!

How cool?!?!

I was so excited to see my name on the candle and th scent is perfect for summer!!!

So cute!

This one is so cute!! It has my name on it, and smells really good!!

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1960 reviews
Such a fun prop!

I received this as an extra in my Adorable Monthly Box and man am I happy I have it. Not only is it a functional bottle opener, but it’s also a cool bookstagram prop. I’m getting good use out of this little guy!

Luau in a Jar!

This is such a bright, sweet, bold scent. If you love sweet pineapple, this is definitely the candle for you. Relax, light this candle and imagine you’re drinking a tropical drink on a beach somewhere for an instant vacation.


This is perfect. It has a lovely, sweet, complex tea scent, and a gorgeous label. Perfect for a warm summer’s afternoon. I swear I can smell almost a hint of peach too it too, which makes me love it more.


This is such a wonderful citronella candle. Cute name ? Check. Adorable label? Check. Perfect citronella smell that doesn’t smell chemically or fake? Check! I love this. I’ll be buying one every summer.

I’m Honestly Mad About How Much I Love This

The title says it all. It’s so good. So good it makes me mad because now I have to say I’m a Hipster Salsa lover. If you pick one scent for summer, get this one. It’s fresh, it’s fruity, it’s not too sweet, heck I swear you can smell how tangy it would taste. It’s such a beautiful deep red too. Love it.