Joy of Reading Candle Gift Set

Smells like Bibliophile - Reading Unicorn - Reading by the Fire


Bibliophile - Reading Unicorn - Reading by the Fire

This joy of Reading candle set is designed for bibliophiles! They'll read anywhere, any time! They breeze through their reading lists and gobble down books like candy! This wide array of scent profiles makes the perfect net to cast to catch yourself a story!

Bibliophile (Parchment - Lemon - Saw Dust - Dried Ink)
Reading Unicorn (Watermelon Cotton Candy)
Reading by the Fire (Crackling Fire - Vanilla - Books)

Gift sets include candles, collector's style hard cover reusable gift box, and personalized gift note!

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★★★★★ Over 1,000 5 STAR Reviews

★★★★★ Over 1,000 5 STAR Reviews

1661 reviews
Delicious cravings

This candle can leave your mouth watering for a divine mix of chocolate and vanilla. It’s a decadent scent and tricks my kids into thinking I made cookies 😂

Ladies night!

This smells amazing and makes me want to try merlot. I’ve never had it, but when I do drink wine it’s with my friends playing board games. Brings back bittersweet memories for sure!

Sweet nothings

A sweet and romantic scent to bring you back to memories on a honeymoon or that first date!

Sexy Villian

When I smell this, I automatically image Damn Salvatore or Kai or any other sexy villain with a deducting voice. This candle is by far my favorite in this monthly. Very masculine and dreamy.

Smells nice

This isn't my favourite Dio Christmas candle, and I'm not sure what it is about it, but I don't love it. It is still a nice scent and I will continue to burn it. It's probably just me. The layers are pretty, the colours are vibrant and the label is really nice!!! Give it a try if you are a Christmas candle fan!!!