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Very fresh, floral scent. Not too strong.

Smells beautiful! A nice fresh floral scent.


It reminds me of the peach gummy rings with a hint of dirt. I know that sounds weird but it really works together.

Smells like a bookstore

Smells like a bookstore with a cafe inside. Perfect!!

Clean scent

This candle has a fresh, clean scent. It has a very light cologne type smell. Overall a great choice!

Everything But The Kitchen Sink Candle | Multi Scented | Soy 8oz - Dio Candle Company

Everything But The Kitchen Sink Candle

Smells like

Not Discernible

These candles are completely unique in every fashion! With a wide range of color combinations and scent profiles, each and every layer is a different experience. No two candles are the same! These works of art take weeks to complete, only adding layers if/when there is a small amount of wax leftover from a restock session or custom order! So what's inside? Why, everything but the kitchen sink!
*Please do not purchase this candle if you have any known fragrance or essential oil allergies. There is no way to provide an accurate ingredient formula.