Dark Side Color Changing Candle

Scent: Dark Chocolate - Chili Pepper - Clove

Smells like

Dark Chocolate - Chili Pepper - Clove

Come to the dark side with just one match. These candles and wax tarts change color as they melt, going from white to black. No Jedi Mind Tricks! We've captured the alluring force of the Dark Side with sinfully dark chocolate, balancing it with spicy clove and chili pepper!

Customer Reviews

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The Force Is Strong In This Candle

Okay, first off, colour changing candle what? That's awesome and worth buying for that alone! Secondly, the label. 10/10, awesome job, would make Darth Vader proud. Lastly, the scent. This is so rich and delightfully complex, and unexpected. Not a run of the mill chocolate scent, but something more, lurking under the surface.

Mysteriously decadent

This just smells mysterious and decadent. The chocolate with the clove and chili pepper is lovely. I like to watch the colors change too. I'm not even a Star Wars fan but this could bring me over!

New Favorite!!!!

This candle is so incredibly amazing. Firstly, it smells of chocolate. Can't resist that! Second, it changes color. As you burn this beautiful candle it slowly turns to the dark side. And who doesn't love Star Wars. There are just so many things about this candle to love!

Love it!

My cute little candle was perfectly packaged to make sure it arrived at my doorstep unharmed, and better yet, the spicy chocolate scent it super strong for such a small candle!

Fun candle, great scent!

It’s been fun to watch the color change as the candle burns, and the chocolate scent is pleasant and strong enough to smell in our open living room!

I’ve switched side

Absolutely beautiful and amazing scent

Come to the dark side, we have cookies !

I was super sad that i missed the first box, but when i saw the candles are available for purchase i knew i had to get my own Darth Vader candle ! It smells great, like chocolate chip cookies, so good !


Okay, don't tell Snape (I don't want to upset him) but this was my absolute favorite from the Misunderstood box! I screamed a lot when I opened it, what can I say, I just LOVE Darth Vader! This scent of this candle is so delicious, a great chocolate scent with a little spice, and I absolutely love it. I also think it's super cool that the black wax melts down into the white changing all black! So awesome!

The color change. What?!?!

"Come to the Dark Side" was another second sniff. It is very potent and just oozes with conflicting scents. It is masculine but there is an underling hint of something soft, hesitant as the dark takes over the light. At first, I thought it was a little too strong but it wormed its way into my heart. It is my second favorite of the four and the coolest candle ever. It changes color. How amazing is that! Another fantastic label that really captures the feeling of the scent and of the character.

Dio Candle Company did brilliant work for their first box and I cannot wait for the coming months.

"To be great is to be misunderstood" Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Love It!

When I first smelled this candle I was a little worried I wasn't going to like it (which is strange enough considering my love for chocolate) but as soon as I lit this candle I knew it was my favorite from the Misunderstood box! It's not too strong of a chocolate scent, and the clove and chili pepper really compliments it so well! I would definitely recommend this candle to any chocolate lovers out there!

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I think I'm quite ready for another adventure.

...in my recliner next to the fireplace with some books and snacks, ha! Having this hiking trail candle reminds me of all the hikes I've gone on with some awesome people. It was also the very first candle I smelled from Dio and it's been my favorite ever since! :D

Good candle

This candle smells very good. I love it

Spooky good!

This is my favorite out of the This is Halloween box. I love the sweet smell of the marshmallows mixed with the smoke and fog scents. Plus I love the label on this candle.

Hay never smelled so good!

I really like this candle. It has a hay smell with added extras for a smooth, slightly sweet scent. Two thumbs up!


I love the mystery aspect of this candle. My scent was Spice Cabinet. It smells of cinnamon and something else I can’t place. Overall a great scent.