Enjoy Black Friday Deals November 1st through December 3rd

This year we're giving out freebies at 5 levels of spending amounts including $25, $55, $75, $105 and $250 Use our freebie chart above to see which extra goodies you'll receive with your order automatically

*Personalized Tote bags will come with the personalization of the person placing the order's name unless otherwise specified in the order checkout notes.

Got Questions? Text Natasha 970-427-8960

TIER ONE $25 | Double Sided Book Elf Bookmark


TIER TWO $55 | Snowman Button + Wooden Bookmark


TIER THREE $75 | Mystery Wax Melt + Guess the Scent Game Candle


TIER FOUR $105 | Snowflake Enamel Pin + Choice Tote Bag


TIER FIVE $250 | 32oz New Years 2023 Candle

Black Friday Weekend Only:
6th Annual Golden Ticket Contest

Orders totalling $100+ placed between November 24th - November 28th will qualify for our 6th annual Golden Ticket Contest - where random winners will receive a golden paper invoice with a secret Gift Card code worth $50 This year there will be 6 lucky winners!