What's so Adorable®


  1. inspiring great affection; delightful; charming.

"You will love these adorable size candles!"
Loveable, appealing, charming, cute, cuddly, sweet, enchanting, bewitching, captivating, engaging, endearing, dear, darling, delightful, lovely, beautiful, attractive, gorgeous, winsome, winning, fetching, etc.

Why Adorable? Because we want to pair your feelings with your senses. We create scents that inspire affection capable of unlocking long lost memories. It’s no secret that sense of smell is heavily tied to memory, and here at Dio Candle, we seemingly capture and store reminiscence in a jar.

We were just like you one day: bored of traditional paraffin wax, searching online for unique, premium quality soy candles that were going to permeate our house with a new and exciting scent - something we'd never smelled before, or perhaps something that we had stored away in our memory...waiting to be unlocked. We found that some options were very expensive, and when we received them - we were a little underwhelmed. Certainly, there had to be a better way of getting more bang for your buck. Everything looked so boring!

So, we went to the drawing board. We sought to make a product that was premium quality, with some of the most interesting scents concocted by our creative minds. (We are proud to say that we source many different fragrance houses from around the world and continue to support local fragrance distilleries right here in Denver.) Then, we asked ourselves how we could bring this traditionally very-boring-industry into the 21st century for today's people? They want more! They want fun while also being affordable. We took this into consideration and shrunk down to our signature size. Problem solved!

We showed our friends, who exclaimed: "Adorable! That is the cutest candle EVER!"and so was born the original Adorable Size Candle®, the smallest glass jar premium candle in the world! We've grown a lot since our first tiny jar, and now offer more Adorable sizes, bookmarks, dare-we-say-perfect lip balms and more!

Escape with us to a world of scent imagination where everything is of premium quality, and of course … Adorable!



★★★★★ Over 1,000 5 STAR Reviews

★★★★★ Over 1,000 5 STAR Reviews

1184 reviews
BF approved!!

The natural and rainy scent resonated with me so much, I absolutely adored it! But the BF fell in love with it and claimed it his, haha! Nostalgia of an actual thunderstorm without the risk and rain!

Happiness in a candle!

HAD to order the larger size after receiving this one because of how incredible the smell is! It is the perfect fruity blend with a sweet twist. Love it!

My desk companion!

I always light this one beside me while working at my desk (which is pretty much every day). It is sweet, but happy and upbeat! I look forward to lighting it, and even ordered it in the larger size after receiving this one!!

fall in a candle!!!!

It was so great lighting this baby for the first time the other day with our 40 degree weather. The smell is like fall in a candle and the best to have lit while you're wrapped up in a blanket on the couch!

Pure nostalgia!

Being a 90s baby, this candle totally resonated with my childhood and my love for tie-dye/fun! How Dio manages to create such a beautiful color combo in 4oz is beyond me, but it is absolutely as beautiful looking as it smells!