Dio Candle Company is the leading creative genius behind customized candles, offering exclusivity and social media FOMO

We offer wholesale pricing for anyone in need of 50+ custom products. As our customer you are treated like a friend throughout our entire process, down to every last detail. We're here to help you bring your vision to light, and deliver a candle that will dazzle your subscribers not only in it's unique adorable size and powerful scent throw, but also it's aesthetic graphical designed label. 

For some of our customers we have custom-blended our fragrance oils down to 1/50th of an ounce to produce a true-to-memory aroma. We have an advantage in this custom fragrance realm as we have easy access to a premium fragrance house in downtown Denver that can distill nearly anything. Most recently we have used them to create our “My Michael” candle that smells exactly like Old Spice deodorant and cotton t-shirt.

We also design and make all of our labels in-house which allows us to customize them for each company to ensure their brand is predominantly displayed, so any pictures heading out to social media drives business back to their website.

We've worked with so many great companies, to mention a few:

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