Soft enamel pins have recessed enamel, giving them a sort of texture feeling when run over a finger vs. hard enamel pins which are polished flat.

Enamel pins are time consuming to produce, and are made individually, thus all are completely unique with minor differences from pin to pin and may differ slightly from one pictured here. This is normal and does not affect the quality nor performance of the pin.

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I absolutely love this candle! The layers are beautiful and the aroma is so amazing!


I was finally able to light the Carnival Night candle and loved it! It truly smells better and better as the candle burns. I also purchased the Christmas Tree scented candle and very much look forward to using it as it smells amazing already!

Lasts Forever

The scent is as described and really lasts a long time in a warmer.

The candle smelled good.

Once it was lit it didn’t have an overly strong scent but it was good. I wish it smelled a bit stronger while it was burning. Overall it’s a good candle:


Relaxing and perfect for a bedroom. The baby powder smell slightly over powers the lavender.