A Day at Disney Park Inspired Set of 8 Candles

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This adorable set of Disney Park themed candles is a MUST HAVE for any Disney fanatic. Visits to Disneyland and Disney World are among our most treasured memories. This set makes a wonderful gift, for others or yourself, or can be broken up and given out individually. Every set comes with limited edition decorative candle coasters for each candle. These scents are not available individually and are only sold as a set.

Scent descriptions are below.


Aloha Isle:

Walk through Magic Kingdom, and in the back corner of Adventureland, you’ll find this scrumptious little gem serving refreshing Pineapple Whip Cups & Floats. One sniff of this candle and you’ll be hooked! Fruity upfront and uplifting with mid notes of creamy ice-cream delight. An instant favorite!

Scent Notes: Melted Pineapple Whip Cup



Imagine yourself on a centuries’ old ship in the Caribbean, sailing towards sunset - then out of nowhere Pirates board your vessel, tearing the sails! You’ll have two choices:

  1. Walk the Plank!
  2. Join the Pirates


It’s the Pirate's life for me. What will you choose?

Scent Notes: Sea Water + Torn Sails


Big Mouse Pastries:

Wouldn’t you agree that there is nothing better than the smell of freshly baked desserts? Sugar and spice, and everything nice went into this delicious concoction. This aroma floats through your senses like a fresh box of still-warm donuts.

Scent Notes: Delicious Cookies + Frosted Donuts + Pastries


Hollywood Studios:

Lights, camera, action! This scent truly captures all the glamour that Hollywood Studios is made of and delivers that magic with the strike of a match. It’s as though you’re there, on set with the sun blazing and the palm trees swaying.  This candle is just the thing to deliver all year 'round summer to your home.

Scent Notes: Sunshine + SPF 30


Expedition Everest:

Walk through the endless path up to Everest, the highest peak in Animal Kingdom. This scent is icy cool, like freshly fallen snow, with Asian spices floating through the air. It’s sure to please those adventure enthusiasts that rush straight for Expedition Everest when the gates open. Just don’t fling your hair tie at this Everest, that’s a fire hazard!

Scent Notes: Snow Capped Mountain + Asian Spices


The Horizon:

If you’ve been on this flying ride prior to 2016, then this scent will take you back to that amazing sensation of flying -- ahem, soarin’ -- over California’s beautiful coast. With fragrant breezes of juicy oranges and hints of pine needles, this experience is one you will never forget.

Scent Notes: Orange Orchards + Evergreen Forests


The World:

Just like how the original was reinvented to take you new places, this candle will inspire you to travel more. Take a hot air balloon ride over the Sahara Desert and breathe in the rich smell of planet Earth. Shield your eyes when the elephants start to kick up the dirt! Finish this experience with a lovely blend of coastal waters and moon lit skies.

Scent Notes: Safari Grass & Dirt + Sand + Endless Ocean


Ghost Ride:

This spooktacular scent will make you feel like the unliving are here to stay. A smell of graveyard fog fills your room and lingers long after this candle has died. Truly a musty, dusty, mysterious scent that will unhinge your mind and release the powers of the other side. Get your ghost on!

Scent Notes: Ghouls + Cobwebbed Furniture + Graveyard Fog


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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
The best Disney Parks set!

I've been eying this set for a while, but I really felt inspired after my best friend and I went to Walt Disney World together. I would miss Disney (and my friend) something terrible, and this set seemed like the perfect thing to get to help combat nostalgia. The candles smell so wonderful - I have to say my top favourite is Aloha Isle (I miss Dole Whips ;___;), but I love all of them. The one I thought smelled most like the actual ride was Soarin' Around the World, I felt like I was back on the ride again! Love love love these candles, thank you Dio!

Awesome set!!

This set is perfect for any Disney World fan. Ghost Ride is my favorite!

Great Product

Highly recommend these candles! Great size and even make the perfect gift any Disney fan!


I am a huge fan of anything Disney related, and this is actually how I was introduced to this company! I made my first purchase from the site earlier this week and I'm already catching myself filling my cart even more! This is a great pack and seems like it will be a nostalgic experience for any Disney lover! I would LOVE to see some Pixar related scents in the future. :)

Adorable indeed

This set is perfect! Not only does it capture everything I love about Disney, but it's super affordable. It costs less than 2 Disney candles from other companies and you get 8! Seriously, its a no brainer.

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