Adorable Monthly Candle Subscription

Great way to try new scents – Arrives 1st week of the Month – Free USA Shipping

A candle subscription that’s just candles! This subscription service will be the most fun you have all month! Each box is wrapped like a personal present and contains 4 themed candles & scent descriptions! Play along with included photo challenges and compete for prizes including free candles, gift cards and more!

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Customer Reviews

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My adorable monthly box was everything I expected and more. I still can’t get over how amazing the Reading Unicorn candle that came in the box smells. I also adore how cutely, carefully and uniquely each box is packaged.

Extremely Creative Candle Company!

I think the packaging,description of the scents and the scents themselves were


I loved May’s theme, Explorarion, and the scents selected for the box were so fitting and lovely!

Awesome gift idea

If you know someone who likes candles this is perfect. Dio goes above and beyond with the packing and little things that make it a great company to deal with.

Review on my order

The candles are so cute! The only thing was I thought the extra tropical one I ordered was going to be a layered rainbow, and it wasn't. It's possible I misunderstood.

The best

The March Adorable Monthly Box was my first one and I love it a lot! The scents chosen for the candles are perfect and not overwhelming.


I absolutely adore receiving this box each month. The Mall Madness theme was such a cute play on words. Each candle in the box was perfect! The scents were incredibly on point and the labels were beautiful. My favourite in the box was Book Sale, the blueberry and lemon was a great combination and book sales are definitely my jam.

Every candle is a 10!

I love every candle I have ever gotten from Dio. Whether it’s the right scent for me or someone I love - from the packaging, to the fragrance these candles never fail to impress.

Really Fun

I think this is a good value for getting 4 themed candles in cute jars every month. I can burn them down quickly, but it’s fine because it’s preferable to one big candle that I get tired of. I end up using them all and looking forward to the next set. And being that I have many candles sitting around collecting dust that is saying something. I have also found that even if I don’t love a particular scent, I can appreciate the accuseacy to capturing a scent or a feeling, and they are all unique scents that you can’t just get off the shelf somewhere, and well blended at that. Evenly balanced and richly scented, and they smell good whether burning or not. I have had some candles that smell amazing until lit and then they smell like nothing at all, but these smell amazing either way.

Reeled in...hook, line and sinker!

I am only on my second adorable monthly and I'm already hooked! I have received the October (all things strange) and November (space cadet) and they have both been beyond spectacular! I get many different subscription boxes (books, craft/card making, Funko, etc.) and I have to say this has quickly become one of my favorite sub boxes ever. I thought at first, who needs that many candles? Me, I do!! I have gone far beyond just the adorable monthly candles and have quite the collection growing. The candles are not only super unique they smell amazing and are very powerful without being obnoxious to the senses. Plus, each month they offer neat challenges to be able to get free stuff! This is a one of a kind sub box, I hope it never goes away. If you're on the fence about trying it out, hop on over to this side. You won't be disappointed.

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Smart Husband

Buying candles for my wife is a no brainer. Buying an unusual sent that she loves... hello bonus points!

Clean and calming

This is a very clean and calm scent. My favorite from this month’s adorable monthly box.

Be thankful

This smells great, like tart cherry candy.

Take a moment and breathe

This is a very relaxing scent. Very calming and it smells fantastic!!

I can only Imagine

This is a great smelling candle. Smells just like sherbet.