Throne Heros Set of 4 Candles

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Quiet in the realm! Brace yourself! Candles are coming!

Scent descriptions are below:

Mother of Dragons:

Mother of Dragons. This intense aroma of citrus fruit and bergamot will leave you fierce and ready to take on whatever challenges life may bring!

Scent Notes: Dragon Eggs + Essence of Khaleesi

The Imp’s Delight:

I’d like to have my own vineyard. Make my own wine. The Imp’s Delight. Only my close friends could drink it.- Tyrion Lannister. Well buddy, your wish has (somewhat) come true. This spectacular blend of blackberries and plums, mixed with pears and fine wine, has just the scent to get your booze fixing.

Scent Notes: Exclusive Red Wine

Jon Snow:

What better mystery than that of Jon Snow? Honest and kind, brooding and intense. A soul that has truly suffered his entire life. This captivating blend of mint and pine, vanilla and citrus and just a hint of men’s cologne will make you fall in love again and again and again, every time you smell it. Intoxicating and breathy, this candle will leave you saying “ I know nothing, Jon Snow.”

Scent Notes: Sexy And Lonesome Lord Snow

Sansa’s Lemon Cakes:

Lemon cakes are expensive treats enjoyed by the most elite noblewomen of the Seven Kingdoms, and now you can smell them in your very own peasant home. Made from imported lemons straight out of King’s Landing, this vibrant lemon scent will lift your spirits. Warm back notes of vanilla and clove will have your heart melting in no time. Sure to be your favorite, just like Sansa.

Scent Notes: Sansa’s Lemon Cakes



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