All I Want For Christmas Candle | 8oz Vegan Soy

Smells like Mistletoe

If you won't ask for much this Christmas, maybe you won't even wish for snow, but I know that you'll be standing - underneath the mistletoe! Make someone's Christmas wishes come true with this outstanding tri-layered green ombre candle!

SCENT ♬: Mistletoe


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This candle smells SO UNBELIEVABLY GOOD! It has quickly become one of my favourite Dio candles! The scent carries really well and it is the perfect Christmas candle. A must at Christmas time!!!

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★★★★★ Over 1,000 5 STAR Reviews

★★★★★ Over 1,000 5 STAR Reviews

1681 reviews

I absolutely love this Dio pin! It is a perfect representation of one of my favourite candle companies! Highly recommend!!

10 Stars!!!!!

1. I am obsessed with this label (which has since changed from the one I have) - I bought it as Windy City Magic
2. The colours and glitter are GORGEOUS
3. The smell is so good I want to eat it!!! Honestly, I'm afraid to burn this one because it is so beautiful. I will have to order an actual Marshmella candle and burn it (oh wait, I did!!! 😂😂😂)

This candle actually smells a bit Berry like, which is not in the scent notes at all haha. I think this blend is so yummy and I would like to go visit Snow White and the Seven Dwarves now please!!! Anyone know where I can pick up a mine train???

Another cologne based scent, this candle smells how I imagine the Malfoys smell!!! Hoity-toity and thinking they're better than all the rest!!! The green colour is so lovely!!! I want to get all of the House candles at some point!!!

First of all, the name. How can you not love a candle called Santa Burps?!? 😂😂😂It is such a great christmasy blend and I love anything with maple in it!!! And the graphics on the label?!? Amazing!!!! Haha