Bad Day Remedy Certified Aromatherapy Candle

Scent: Lavender - Lemon - Grapefruit


Lavender - Lemon - Grapefruit

Bad day? Let us remedy that. You won’t let the hard days win with this uplifting, joy evoking blend of essential oils that are designed to make you smile. Made with Plant Therapy Brand 100% Essential Oils!

Alyssa Walsh, Cert.Aroma
Certified A.C.H.S. Aromatherapist

This luxury line of thoughtful Aromatherapy candles was only made possible by the educated development and consult of this incredibly talented woman. She recommended using the highest quality essential oils from industry-trusted essential oil supplier, Plant Therapy.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Not a bad day anymore!

I love lavender... it's honestly my favorite scent. But I have never had it mixed so well with citrus. This is a fantastic candle and I'm really excited to try the other aromatherapy candles as well!

I'm in love!

I ordered several (15ish) adorables and I LOVE all but two (the Basketball- smells just like a basketball- not my thing but my daughter will love it AND the fruit snacks. It smells good but it's not as unique as the other scents). I will definitely be ordering more once my family decides on their favorites! So far I have 13 favorites! Ahhh! They also send cute, funny emails and special little notes with the candles. They are VERY thoughtful!


This is the perfect candle for those days that are just not going your way, and you just need to close yourself off and have some me time. Lavender is the perfect scent to relax with, it has many uses. And if you enjoy its smell, this candle is right for you!

No more bad days!

I really thought this one was going to be a no for me. Lavender is a scent I try to avoid. I was so blown away by this one though. The grapefruit and lemon really blend well together. It’s a very calming smelling candle.

surprisingly fresh

unfortunately i don’t like the scent of lavender. but i do love the fresh smell of citrus which is perfect !

Surprisingly amazing

I’m honestly not surprised that I ended up loving this candle. I REALLY hate lavender. I find it so overwhelming...but of course Natasha and her team found a way to blend it perfectly. Every time I think I won’t love it, I’m blown away by how much I do. Also, who doesn’t love fresh citrus?? Another winning scent combo

How can you not feel better?

Lavender, lemon, and grapefruit. These three oils play so nicely together. The citrus rounds out the heady notes of the lavender, making this a winner even for those who may shy away from this kind of fragrance. I just love it!

I'm A Convert!

I'm giving this 5 stars because I hate lavender. Like a lot. I never feel good when lavender is around. And yet, this candle has changed my opinion on lavender. I feel relaxed without being a cloudy headed zombie. No lavender induced headaches. It's a miracle! Lemon is never a hard sell with me, and I've been digging grapefruit lately, so all and all, another win for the Aromatherapy set.

A Cure has been Found!

I am in love with everything that was a part of the August Aromatherapy box. From the beautiful brown jars, to the skillfully crafted labels, to the unimaginably delicious scents. Bad Day Remedy is definitely the cure to lift your spirits and encourage you along. The lemon and grapefruit give it that burst of citrus and pep, while the lavender is calming and stable.

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Wanted to love it

But there was hardly any scent.

very calming

it’s a fresh and very calming scent ! plus the color is so lovely

just breathe

to me this smells like fresh laundry in a hotel room ! very calming and relaxing :)


to me this smells like a sweet blood orange juice ! it’s an amazing scent and smells even better when burning :)

sweet !

this somehow reminds me of m childhood; it smells like sweet cherries and it’s just fantastic !