Book Babe Candle

Smells like

Chocolate - Strawberries - Roses

Have you heard? Bookish is the new sexy! But while social trends are fleeting, babes who read have ALWAYS been sexy. This decadent chocolate covered strawberry scent with background notes of perfume and roses is just the thing romance lover's fancy!

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This candle smells so amazing you would think you are actually eating chocolate covered strawberries. It’s my absolute favourite candle to date!

So Sweet

OMG I LOVE this candle! All of these wonderful scents combined just creates a candle that's... UGH. SO GOOD. Perfect for Valentine's Day (or if you just wanna spoil her, honestly). XD

True love

What is your definition of true love? If it is chocolate, strawberries, roses, and books, then this candle is the candle for you. It smells sweet and chocolatey with a hint of floral and it is the perfect combination.

Bring on the Romance

I don't hate, I also don't love, but I do like it! Of course you go back for a couple sniffs when you're checking out a candle. On the first whiff, it was very strong and a little off putting, but when I tried again it had a slight sweetness to it. I think this comes from using roses, because I've had that issue before when roses were used in a candle. And I love roses, I love to stop and smell them, but it can be a slightly strong smell when locked up, but then it becomes really nice when it gets some oxygen to it. (I hope all this makes sense, haha!) Anyway, I will enjoy this candle!

These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things...

Have you read the scent notes descriptions though ? They are spot on! This candle smells like chocolate, strawberries, roses, perfumes and books! What’s not to love? Ooooh and the perfect red color just adds more awesomeness!

The perfect equation for Love

This is such a sleek and sexy candle. It is the perfect combination for love. The bittersweet smell of chocolate meshes so well with the fresh roses and sweet strawberries and throw in the smell of books and I am sold. I love the red color and the labels just get better and better.


Delicious and tempting is how I would describe this. I saw chocolate and strawberries and just about drooled. I also love how bright red the wax is. It just screams sexy.


I know there are a lot of scents going on here but I mostly smell chocolate covered strawberries and it's divine! I love the name and theme of this candle because bookish girl are babes! Reading expands the mind and what's sexier than a smart, well-read woman? The deep lipstick red wax just makes this candle that much better.

A Seductive Scent

Seriously, this candle is trying to seduce me and I’m not ashamed to say that it is working. The chocolate and strawberry scents dominate and that’s okay because hot damn does this smell good! Guess I’ll have to add this one to the ever growing list of Dio Candles that I’ll have to order again. At least when I go broke from buying all of them my shanty by the river will smell divine.

Chocolatey Goodness

This candle surprised me. When I saw the gorgeous bright red wax, I was not expecting a chocolate scent. But through and through this candle is a chocolatey delight. Not to be forgotten is the beautiful label that Natasha created.

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Smells OK, but not quite what I was hoping for. A little too "soapy."


Smells as described; pretty cool!

Guy candle

Smells like a men's cologne, but not a strong overly cologne scent. It's a masculine smell.

Best buds

This candle smells really good. It has a sweet and fruity smell.

Little Green Peas

This was my favorite from the sub for February. I love the “green" scent. It smells AMAZING!!