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Coriander - Sandalwood - Sweet Orange

Size: 8 oz Candle
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Make the most of the best moments of your life with this fantastic walking on air aroma blended to bring about confidence! Seize your day! Made with Plant Therapy Brand 100% Essential Oils!

Blend by:
Alyssa Walsh, Cert.Aroma
Certified A.C.H.S. Aromatherapist

Scent Profile: Triumphant

• Top Notes: Sweet Orange Essential Oil
• Mid Notes: Coriander Essential Oil
• Base Notes: Sandalwood Essential Oil

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Sebrina (Chicago, IL)

The sweet orange and coriander are delicious together and very uplifting. The sandalwood is a lovely calming base. Together the three make for a delightful combination. I can't wait to purchase a larger version in the future.

Elizabeth (Fort Erie, ON)

I'm not one who loves to eat oranges, but I sure do love the smell of them! Citrus flavours are amazing, and this candle has the perfect amount in it, not too overpowering. Favourite from the Aromatherapy Collection!

Echo (Chilliwack, BC)
Orangey goodness

This candle is very uplifting. The scent combination is wonderful. It’s energizing. It was another favourite from the set.

Angelina (Vienna, 9)
Perfection !!

Orange is one of my favorite scents and this one just smells freaking perfect ! so calming and nice, i really love it !

Nichelle (Vernon, BC)
Sweet and spicy

I’ve been burning this candle after cooking and it’s incredible. All my friends have commented on how amazing it smells. One of them described it as “Arabian nights” which is totally accurate. It’s sweet, spicy, and smooth and I’ll definitely need to purchase another one soon.

Alyssa W.C.A. (Clearwater, KS)
Uplifting like afternoon tea!

This candle, wow! It reminds me so much of an orange black tea with a touch of milk. It's got this sharp zing of citrus, that is mellowed out by the coriander. The sandalwood gives it this creaminess that lingers in the air. One of my favorites from the collection and I am not usually a sandalwood fan!

Lindsay (Edmonton, AB)
Spicey And Juicy Sweet In The Perfect Amounts!

If I had to pick a favourite in this set, Carpe Diem would just squeak out the win over my other top choice, but man, this whole set is amazing and you need this in your life now. It's perfect to burn while reading, especially with darker, moodier books. It revs me up and keeps me hungry for plot twists! I've also been burning it after cooking and it does a great job of balancing out the food smells and leaving my house smelling clean and warm.

Loni (Penticton, BC)
Seize this candle!!!

This candle is so calming and sweet and beautiful. It has a brightness to it that is uplifting, but nothing overly complicated or complex. Just the way that seizing the moment should be.

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