Chillax Certified Aromatherapy Candle

Scent: Patchouli - Spearmint - Rose

Smells like

Patchouli - Spearmint - Rose

Take a deep breath, and reset your senses! This stress-free essential oil blend has been developed to chill the hell out and relax you mind, body and soul. Made with Plant Therapy Brand 100% Essential Oils!

Alyssa Walsh, Cert.Aroma
Certified A.C.H.S. Aromatherapist

This luxury line of thoughtful Aromatherapy candles was only made possible by the educated development and consult of this incredibly talented woman. She recommended using the highest quality essential oils from industry-trusted essential oil supplier, Plant Therapy.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews

Honestly this candle was everything I didn’t know I needed. I didn’t expect the smell, but it was very comforting. So much so I almost fell asleep with a burning candle. I honestly needed it so much for finals.

Deep Breath In, Slow Breath Out

Oh my. I feel so calm after taking a whiff of this one. I feel like my mind is clear. I can just picture burning this while doing some meditating. Its perfectly calming, making the name so appropriate.


This one is a very relaxing scent. It’s the perfect minty mix in a jar. Minty scents are always a win for more and this one is my top favourite from the set.

minty fresh !

this smells like my favorite chewing gum haha very minty and nice ! clears your head and makes you relax !


This candle was easily one of my favourites from the Aromatherapy collection. Spearmint is one of my favourite essential oils so it was a no brainer. It is perfectly blended with the patchouli and sweet rose. This is a winner

My all time favorite

This might surprise you, but I was never a rose fan! This combo absolutely changed my mind. The rose adds an invaluable touch of musky floral that rounds out the earthy patchouli, and the spearmint kisses it with a sweet-mint pop. It's absolutely perfect and blended to perfection. Favorite part? An essential oil based candle that is safe to burn around my kids! An absolute winner!

There Are No Losers In This Set!

This is my least favourite of the set, but I still think it deserves 5 stars because gosh the bar was high this month and everything really exceeded my expectations. I'm not a patchouli or rose fan but gosh I love me a good mint scent and the balance worked here. Not too musky or floral, and the spearmint is soothing as heck.

Chilling with my new favourite candle

That's right! This candle was my favourite from the Aromatherapy Box. The spearmint is the strongest note in this one, and it's absolutely amazing. The rose adds a sweetness and the patchouli gives it a beautiful base. This is a candle I could burn year round!

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Smart Husband

Buying candles for my wife is a no brainer. Buying an unusual sent that she loves... hello bonus points!

Clean and calming

This is a very clean and calm scent. My favorite from this month’s adorable monthly box.

Be thankful

This smells great, like tart cherry candy.

Take a moment and breathe

This is a very relaxing scent. Very calming and it smells fantastic!!

I can only Imagine

This is a great smelling candle. Smells just like sherbet.