Chocolate Heaven Candle

Scent: Chocolate Fudge - Bit of Earth

Smells like

Chocolate Fudge - Bit of Earth

You’ll think you died and went to chocolate heaven after just one sniff! Luscious milk chocolate fudge mixed with just the right touch of earth balance this intoxicating fragrance!

Customer Reviews

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Chocolatey Goodness!!!!

A. Maz. Ing. This candle smells INCREDIBLE. Love love love it! It smells so chocolatey and delicious and I want something I can eat that smells just like it! I love the green of the wax and the little details on the label! I NEED this one in a larger size! Do yourself a favour and give it a try!!!

Magic in a Jar

Perfect for any fan of the HP world. This candle is such a beautiful vibrant green. It tricks you a little, because it smells exactly like chocolate, and you almost don't expect it. It's fantastic and a perfect reminder of the beginning of great friendships.

Yum !

This smells exactly like chocolate ! it soo delicious ! i can already imagine drinking hot chocolate and lighting this candle - perfect :)

Chocolate Lover's Delight!

I love this candle. It smells exactly like brownie batter. My only complaint is the first time I burned it, it took longer than other Dio candles to start giving off a noticeable scent, otherwise it would be a 5/5 for me!

The green throws you off

My wife bought this for me knowing I'm a huge HP nerd. It smells just like chocolate.

Chocolate frogs is such a fun, yummy smelling candle!

So.. who knew that a candle could smell like chocolate? I bought this candle, being a HP fan, because I just had to own it. I wasn't sure what I was really expecting it to smell like. I was really surprised when I opened the candle to smell it and it smelt just like CHOCOLATE! Chocolate frogs is such a fun, yummy smelling candle!

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Sweet and delicious!

Love love LOVE the sweet, creamy scent! It makes me think of summer and warmth and sunshine! The label is super cute and is perfect for any gamers or just lovers of adorable candles!!!


Banana and grapefruit = HOLY CRAP THIS IS FRUITY AND YUMMY! I want this candle burning all the time! I am OBSESSED!!!!! Go grab this candle! And I recommend a very or super adorable size - you won’t regret it 😉

Pumpkin Juice

LOVE this candle! Fantastic for fall!

Perfect gift!

Loved the candles, they're just as I imagined! I'm glad to have something small, made in Colorado, to include in gift box.

Totally makes me think of Princess Peach

If you love peach smelling anything. You’ll want this candle. It smells so good, it makes me hungry for a nice bowl of peach yogurt, yum! The label is just adorable as well.