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Classic Style Adorable Christmas Box Spectacular

Do you love Christmas? Of Course you do! I bet you know someone else that does too! Our Adorable Christmas Box Spectacular collection has been curated for every type of Christmas!

This Classic Style box set is timeless in it’s of-all-ages appeal. The experiences we share collectively amongst the Christmas crowd are what brings about the magic of this celebrated holiday!

This Adorable® set of candles captures the excitement of Christmas classics in 4 creative ways! Picture this : It’s a warm ride home from the latest local production of The Nutcracker when Santa Baby starts playing on the radio. Outside the snow is falling, maybe your friends are calling Yoo-Hoo. On your way, you spot a half-melted snowman built by the kids on your street and your neighbors lit up Nativity set before pulling in your driveway. It’s time to put on your favorite pajamas and drift off into a sugar plum dreamland.

This gift set is delivered to your door GIFT-GIVING ready!

What the heck does that even mean?

We’ve taken the liberty of already wrapping your gift in premium Christmas wrapping paper; complete with a bow, and gift tag. Unwrap our gift yourselves (we’re not judging) and you’ll see a specially decorated box complete with wrap-around Merry Christmas paper ribbon and Adorable set sticker. Break the seal and inside you’ll find 4 Adorable size candles ® individually wrapped in tissue paper, and a tiny candy cane. And under those we’ve placed 4 description cards, one for each candle in the box. Also included is a 5$ coupon for

Scent descriptions for this set are below:

Three Wise Men:

For this Christmas story inspired candle we blended three prestigious oils to encompass the homage of the Three Wise Men. Golden Amber, Frankincense, and Myrrh all come together to bring you an unique candle experience that’s perfect for a bookshelf nativity set!

Sugar Plum Fairy:

The ruler of the Land of Sweets has danced her delicate magic right into this jar. With notes of sugared plums and spice swaying through the air, this staple of the Christmas season will have you humming the iconic tune at first light.

Santa Baby:

You’ve been awfully good all year, and now’s the time to celebrate! An invigorating blend of cinnamon and pine blended with the nostalgic odor from the big man’s red suit and fresh cold air on Christmas Eve, this fragrance is unmistakably the perfect aroma to get your party started!

 Frosty the Snowman:

Each container holds 1 single melted snowman from the blizzard of your childhood memories. Smell a symphony of cool mint and menthol, mixed with the wintry blend of fresh fallen snow and ice wind. This candle will be the perfect addition to a cabin party for your ski trip, or enjoy it at home by a fire, with a good book!

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I got this from a coworker and I I’ve it! The labels are really cute and the scents are perfect. My favorite is the wise men candle. Masculine without being overpowering.

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