Foolish Mortals Park Candle

Scent: Theme Park Fog - Dust

Smells like

Theme Park Fog - Dust

Inspired by your favorite haunted macabre attraction located in the Most Magical Place on Earth, a smell of graveyard fog fills your room and lingers long after it's life has been extinguished! Truly a musty and dusty mysterious scent that will unhinge your mind and release the powers of the other side.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Eerily Good

I really had no expectations as to what this one would smell like but man is it ever good! The scent is spicy yet delicate, nostalgic and hard to pin down but it's so good! The label and wax colour are stunning in person, and I love the font choice too. I honestly wasn't sure if I'd like this one, but after one sniff I'm obsessed. It's going in my Dio Candle Hall of Fame for sure!


I got this candle as a giveaway on the Instagram page and I fell in love with it as soon as I opened it. It's not an overwhelming scent, kind of mysterious and light. It reminds me of a perfume I used to have. It has a good throw in my medium sized bedroom. I will definitely be getting more of this one!

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Another fave of mine

I love this scent. It’s relaxing and light and fresh and wonderful. Perfect scent all year round.

Pretty candle / lovely scent

This is a very pretty candle. We currently have it burning upstairs. It’s a light scent that brightens any room.

Husbands fave!

My husband loves the fun scent of this candle. It reminds me of those cool scented dolls I had as a kid or really awesome scented stickers.

So relaxing!

I love everything about this candle. It’s light and refreshing scent is the perfect addition to any quiet time. Love to light it while reading and relaxing!

Love The Name!

My favorite collection is the Bookish Candles! This one smells so good. I had to order more because I enjoyed it so much. I also ordered some for my book club ladies!