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Funny Adorable Christmas Box Spectacular

Do you love Christmas? Of Course you do! I bet you know someone else that does too! Our Adorable Christmas Box Spectacular collection has been curated for every type of Christmas!

A Funny box set is for a certain kind of individual. You know the kind…the kind of individual that I would be fast friends with! Give the gift of joy and laughter!

This Adorable® set of candles is comprised of revamped fan-favorites and is sure to deliver the smiles that Christmas memories are made of in 4 laugh-out-loud ways! You might be walking into an office or family party with this box of Christmas joy when suddenly someone swipes it from your hands! The lids don’t stay on these jars for long as they’re instantly passed around to be enjoyed by all! Knowing that you’ve managed to bring the favorite gift of the night - you can rest easy, assured that the recipient of this box is absolutely thrilled with it’s contents. Merry Christmas,  you filthy animal. 

This gift set is delivered to your door GIFT-GIVING ready!

What the heck does that even mean?

We’ve taken the liberty of already wrapping your gift in premium Christmas wrapping paper; complete with a bow, and gift tag. Unwrap our gift yourselves (we’re not judging) and you’ll see a specially decorated box complete with wrap-around Merry Christmas paper ribbon and Adorable set sticker. Break the seal and inside you’ll find 4 Adorable size candles ® individually wrapped in tissue paper, and a tiny candy cane. And under those we’ve placed 4 description cards, one for each candle in the box. Also included is a 5$ coupon for

Scent descriptions for this set are below:

Crushed Candy Canes:

Cool, crisp, refreshing, and exhilarating, peppermint is such a delicious smell. Mix it with some sugar- and BAM! You have the perfect winter holiday treat! Both sweet and minty, candy canes are an all-time favorite aroma. This tantalizing scent is perfect as a stocking stuffer. We couldn’t resist adding a little something Adorable in there, so this candle is topped with chopped red wax sprinkles!

Elf Farts:

This funny candle will be the talk of your holiday party! Sugary sweet and delightful, you better bet these are the only farts that would smell like Christmas cookies, the main diet of our magical elves at the North Pole. Carefully jarred and smuggled into the States by means we shall not speak of, this magic scent is sure to please just about anybody. Just don’t get caught by the man in the big red suit.

Reindeer Poop:

Hear us out: this sweet and spicy fragrance may well end up being your favorite.

Cinnamon, ginger and clove blanket you in a swirl of gingerbread fragrance. Blended with warm vanilla and rich caramel, this wonderfully balanced creation of sweet and spicy is stunning. The name alone is sure to please crowds of all ages, but the scent will make them love it forever.

Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Animal:

Look what you did, ya little jerk! You brought the best Christmas present ever to your family party! This is the season of perpetual hope, after all. So gather ‘round and share your favorite Christmas movie memories with the next generation. This scent is Christmas in a jar. Enough said. Keep the change, you filthy animal


Customer Reviews

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I wish more companies were as thoughtful and proud of their prouducts!

The first thing I have to say is when I placed my order, I got the coolest email letting me know how excited they were about my order. They kept me informed about the whole process and when it was shipped/be arriving. The candles came cutely wrapped and a hand written card. I wish more companies were as thoughtful! Thank you for my awesome smelling little candles, they’re perfect for my trips!

Perfect Christmas gift!

I gave this gift to my cousin and her reactions when opening it were the best! This box was beautifully wrapped! My cousin loved the funny candle names, the amazing scents and the lovely labels! She could not stop gushing about how cute everything was. I told her the candles were called adorable that reason ;)!

The cutest candles ever

These candles not only are the cutest candles ever, they smell exactly like Christmas! I can’t believe I love the smell of reindeer poop! xD these were beautifully gift wrapped also! The best Christmas candles ever!

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