Letters From Rhys Candle

Scent: Parchment - Jasmine - Citrus

Smells like

Parchment - Jasmine - Citrus

What we've captured in this tantalizing scent is the soft jasmine breeze of Rhysand, citrus from the hidden city of Velaris and the irresistible aroma of crisp parchment! Smells like your passing flirty notes back and forth between you and the devilishly handsome High Lord of the Night Court!

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I can't stop smelling this candle! Its sexy and fresh and perfect for obsessing over your favourite book bae!

Smells like everyone’s favorite high lord

This is a perfect scent for fans of ACOTAR series. Smells like how Rhys is described in the books. Slightly sweet but masculine. Not a cologne smell. It’s smells great!

Very light smell

I feel that there was more fragrance when the candle was unlit. Still 4 stars because it does smell good

Smells just like him

Natasha is a wizard at scents, this candles smells just like I would want Rhysand to smell like.


I haven't burned it yes but I could literally smell the jar all day. This is very close to what I "pictured" the night to smell like in Velaris! I'm probably going to need one of the bigger versions as well.


This candle has a lovely floral smell that is not too overwhelming. I always burn it while reading the ACOTAR series.

Fitting For A High Lord

It's got sparkles, so it's automatically 10/10 for me, but the scent is different than I expected, but I think I kinda love it. Perfect candle to go with my book boyfriend for life.

The perfect little jar of Rhys

I love, love, love this candle! I was worried that it might be too strong as I've gotten Rhys/Night Court candles from other companies and the scent has been really over powering. Thankfully that is not at all the case with this candle! All the scents are perfectly blended, light and crisp AND there are sparkles! Who doesn't love sparkles?! It's the perfect little jar of Rhys.

I should also say that I have two of these, my first one the wick wouldn't light no matter what I did, but Natasha was amazing and sent me a new one out right away! Amazing customer service if I do say so myself.

It sparkles.

Admittedly "Letters From Rhys" is not my favorite of the four candles. It is another great blend of masculine with a hint of tartness of citrus however it is very potent. Though, I love when candles have strong scents so to fill the whole room, LFR is perhaps a little too strong for me. That is not to say it is a badly scented candle because it is not. I simply say that of the four candles, this one was my least favorite. That being said I love the sparkles and the coloring is brilliant. I also really love the label. It is the perfect addition to my growing collection of ACOTAR items.

Dio Candle Company did brilliant work for their first box and I cannot wait for the coming months.

"To be great is to be misunderstood" Ralph Waldo Emerson.

So Good!

When I first opened the candle to smell it and saw the sparkles I knew I was going to like this candle!hah As soon as I smelled this candle I realized it smelled just like a bunch of little shops I've gone to in a little hippie town in Dayton called Yellow Springs! I absolutely love the smell of jasmine, and the citrus really balances out well with the jasmine.

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very calming

it’s a fresh and very calming scent ! plus the color is so lovely

just breathe

to me this smells like fresh laundry in a hotel room ! very calming and relaxing :)


to me this smells like a sweet blood orange juice ! it’s an amazing scent and smells even better when burning :)

sweet !

this somehow reminds me of m childhood; it smells like sweet cherries and it’s just fantastic !

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