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Release the inner yearnings of passion escorted by this blend of erotic essential oils! This seductive aroma will light the flame of your desires with just a strike of a match! Made with Plant Therapy Brand 100% Essential Oils!

Alyssa Walsh, Cert.Aroma
Certified A.C.H.S. Aromatherapist

Scent Profile: Erotica

• Top Notes: Ylang Ylang Essential Oil
• Mid Notes: Jasmine Essential Oil, Geranium Essential Oil
• Base Notes: Clary Sage Essential Oil

Burn Times

Use your candles + melts for 3 hour intervals and they will last and last!

Handmade with Love

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Very relaxing. Family fav!


Okay, I don't know why, but whenever there is the smell of jasmine, I always think of grandmas (and that's not a bad thing). There is something comforting about it, and it isn't too overpowering.

Nice combination

I liked this candle, usually jasmine is too strong of a smell for me. It’s actually a wonderful combination with all of the other scents. It’s not too strong, it’s perfect.

Incredibly unique

First off: It is hard enough to find these scents without being synthetic and gross smelling. Second: I never thought in a million years this combo would work. I love anything with ylang-ylang (it is one of my favourite oils) but combining it with sage and jasmine?? HOW?? It is seriously so amazing. Someone needs to bottle this essential oil combination for me so I can put it on everything and never stop smelling it.

Sultry and soothing

Precious oils like jasmine aren't easy to come by in candles. Usually they are bogged down with synthetic versions. This absolute gem is the real deal! Geranium is an early pop that balances the sweetness of its candle counterparts.
The word that comes to mind is clean! Clary sage and ylang ylang have always reminded me of clean, soft, touchable skin. This one just makes me feel sexy, like those bed sheet commercials where everyone is rolling around in bliss? Yep, thats this candle.


I really had no idea what to expect when I read the essential oils included in this blend, but I dig it. Normally I stay far away from floral, herbal and musky sort of scents, but this one was really nice and didn't cause my faulty lungs to flip out at all. My husband says the scent reminds him of cuddling up close with me, so I call that a win!

Memory Trigger

I absolutely adore this candle for so many reasons. The main one being the memories it evokes. This candle reminds me of my childhood and summers at the lake. The camp fire going all day long, with the citronella candle burning and that woodsy freshness of the near by forest. This candle was a home run hit for me.

nice !

Jasmine is not my favorite scent but somehow it works in this candle ! it smells even better when burned :)

4,000+ 5⭐️ REVIEWS

4,000+ 5⭐️ REVIEWS

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Unique fresh sent! I have really been enjoying it.

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Smelling this candle makes me want to bake cookies. And I do every time I light this candle. Noms!!!

Fresh and earthy <3

Shipping was super fast, extremely friendly customer service, and I love my thunderstorm candle. It smells so fresh and earthy. I’ll definitely order a bigger one soon!


Having never been to Africa I don’t know what it’s like, but this is what I imagine it would smell like. When I close my eyes and sniff this candle, I can picture myself sitting in an open top jeep, in the Serengeti, surrounded by animals I could never in my wildest dreams think I would actually see in their natural habit. The perfect escape in a candle (and how beautiful is this label?!?)