Melt the Rainbow Sampler

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Have you ever seen such a beautiful creation? These super visually satisfying wax melts contain 1 cube each of seasonal scents!

In this sampler:

Christmas Eve
Patchouli - Peppermint - Sandalwood - Raspberry

Pumpkin Dreams
Spiced Pumpkin Waffles

Autumn Bakery
Apple Pie - Banana Muffins - Pumpkin

Mele Kalikimaka
Pineapple - Mistletoe

Christmas Affair
Cinnamon Donuts - Champagne - Peppermint

Sugar Plum Fairy
Candied Sugar Plums - Amber

These melts are divided by plastic separators inside the clamshell and are topped with unscented wax to prevent scent cross-contamination.

Melt 1 cube for 3-4 hours at a time. Remelt 2X+

Customer Reviews

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I purchased these wax melts and I was soooo excited to receive it! Love the colors, they are so vibrant! Each scent is amazing as always with Dio's products!! It's definitely a great way to sample the difference scents while enjoying the beautiful package and colors!!

So Great!!!

I really love that this wax tart is encompassed of all different candles! I think it is such a great idea and a really great way for people to test out a scent and see if they like it! And of course they all smell amazing!!!!


They arrived on time and smell wonderful, the scents are a bit mixed when in the pack but they have a strong scent when melting. Very colorful and great scents, all smelled as expected. It was tricky to get them out of the packaging but otherwise definitely 5 stars!

4,000+ 5⭐️ REVIEWS

4,000+ 5⭐️ REVIEWS

4439 reviews
Guess The Scent

This fresh scent is great and slight smelling, so our guess for Order 7631 is Cherry Blossom, Jasmine, and Lily!


Smelling this candle makes me want to bake cookies. And I do every time I light this candle. Noms!!!

Fresh and earthy <3

Shipping was super fast, extremely friendly customer service, and I love my thunderstorm candle. It smells so fresh and earthy. I’ll definitely order a bigger one soon!


Having never been to Africa I don’t know what it’s like, but this is what I imagine it would smell like. When I close my eyes and sniff this candle, I can picture myself sitting in an open top jeep, in the Serengeti, surrounded by animals I could never in my wildest dreams think I would actually see in their natural habit. The perfect escape in a candle (and how beautiful is this label?!?)

So great!

This smells like the atmosphere in a video store: the carpet, the anticipation of the adventure that is awaiting you while you search for it. The snacks you grab to round out your night. True nostalgia!