Mother's Day

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Let's Celebrate Mom! For the first woman in our lives, the reason we get to where we're going on time... we salute you! Here's some of your favorite things, inspired by some of the best Mothers we know...

  • Freshly Washed and Folded Laundry 
  • Breakfast in Bed, Mimosa included
  • A Trip to the Flower Shop
  • A Mocha Choco Latte to go 

...all together, gift-wrapped in a gift wrapped  box with tissue paper & adorable description cards, for less than $20! Get this limited time offer on a beautiful set of fragrant candles for your Mother, Mother in Law, Grandmother or that Best Friend of yours that just had their baby!

Each Mother's Day Set is wrapped differently, with no two boxes exactly alike! We here at Dio Candle Company want your gifts to be unique (like you). That's why we decorate your gifts individually, because your gift - should have a personal touch!

Candle Names & Scents

Clean Laundry: An uplifting aroma of warm folded towels and bed sheets

Mimosa: A classy blend of champagne and freshly squeezed oranges

Flower Shop: Delicate lilac mixed with wildflowers from the highway

*Mocha Choco Latte: The energy source of mothers, Mocha Choco Coffee and vanilla

*Mocha Choco Latte has replaced last year's LifeBlood (Hazelnut Latte)


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    Customer Reviews

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    Beautiful packaging

    Each candle in the Mother’s box comes wrapped individually and then the 4 candles are put in a box and sealed in a paper ribbon. The first one I picked was clean laundry and it just happened to be laundry day so I got a giggle out of this! I love the themes, the variety of sizes and especially the customer service

    My mother and I always have Mimosas!

    I had to get this set because of the mimosa scented candle, and I love it so much! I cant wait to give it to my mom! The other scents are really nice too. I think she will like Clean Laundry the best! Thank you! The packaging is super cute!

    ★★★★★ Over 1,000 5 STAR Reviews

    ★★★★★ Over 1,000 5 STAR Reviews

    1341 reviews

    Ok I got this for my mom for Christmas and i need to get myself one now it smells so good! Makes me want to drink tea and read.

    Everything But The Kitchen Sink

    Cool concept. Name suits the candle

    Oh my god!!

    Smells so nice and brings back happy Christmas memories :D


    Beautifully cute packaging and smells like a sweet pineapple!!

    So cute!

    Bought this for a friend, it's super adorable and smells like a delicious frosting :D