Saturday Detention Coming of Age Candle

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This Candle was featured in our 3rd subscription box:

Maybe you skipped school, cut class here and there
Maybe they saw you, pulling the fire alarm on a dare
Maybe you acted out because no one cared
Whatever it is, the reason you’re here
You’ll sit here and think about it, you and your peers
It’s Saturday Detention, here in the Library Hall
No cell phones allowed, no texts, and no calls
Instead, read a book, with their distinctive smell
Of High School students’ past, until the last bell

SCENT ♬   Old Library Books - Dust - Tobacco
WAX QUALITY    100% USA-Grown Soy
WICK TYPE   Natural Cotton/Paper Blend

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Customer Reviews

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Library books

You won't forget about this candle any time soon ;)! With the scent of Library books - this candle is perfect for bookworms!

WHO doesn't love detention?

I mean we've all gotten in trouble at one point in our lives right? This captured the essence of that dusty classroom with an epic label and a nod to the breakfast club.

"Don't you, forget about me..."

Did I sing the song as I unboxed this candle in my Instagram story, why yes, yes I did. This candle gives me all of The Breakfast Club vibes! The color is great, the label fun and it has a nice scent. I wasn't sure if I loved the scent at first, but as I've continued to smell it, it's grown on me quite a lot. What can I say, I love that dusty book smell.

I'm torn!

This candle takes me out of my comfort zone for sure. I like sweet and fruity and feminine, and this has a great deal of masculinity. I don't know yet where I'll use it, but it may be useful as a fall scent.

A little trouble can't hurt

It took me a while to pin down what this smell reminded me of. It's very unique (as are all of these Coming of Age scents). It hit me like a ton of bricks... Fruity incense.
I smelled this scent in my friend Jennifer's basement bedroom. I was 14,and I took the Greyhound bus to see her. In her room, the incense was burning, my Revolting Cocks CD was playing, and Jen was having a long distance conversation with the boy she had a crush on in my city. Her mom didn't know about the phone bill she would receive from that long talk with Aaron.
I LOVE how these Coming of Age candles bring back vivid memories.

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