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Scent of the Month

Scent of the Month

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August 2022 Theme

Orders placed during the month of August will receive our Hometown Farmer's Market fragrance

Scent Preview

Just what you'd expect from a summer's end fragrance at the local Farmers Market. Fresh tomato and basil and cucumber mixed with a warm summer peach and earthy goodness. This fragrance is perfectly balanced between three key elements : herbacious, fruity, and earthy.


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Available as one time purchase or save 15% and subscribe. Subscriptions renew on the same day every month.


100% All Natural Vegan Soy
Premium Fragrance

Lead-Free Cotton Paper Wicks
Recyclable Clear Glass
Metal Lids
Plastic Clamshell (Wax Melts)


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Size Dimensions & Burn Times

8oz Candles last 55-70 hours and 4 packs of wax melts can be melted over and overand over again. Your scented adventure will last all month long!

Care Instructions

Please burn your candles for 3-4 hour intervals for best performance. Trim wicks after each burn cycle.

Wax Melts can be melted over and over and over again until scent is diminished.

Returns & Exchanges

Subscription sales, once shipped, are final. Any lost/damaged subscriptions will be replaced by Dio Candle Company.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Lucy U.
Smells Beautiful! (JULY 2022)

I'm not even a Harry Potter fan and I can imagine the feeling of walking into a wand shop after smelling this wonderful candle. It's like when I first enter Barnes & Noble! The cold throw is very comforting, like a bookstore in a mall mixed with a cozy candle store. The hot throw is about the same. I was expecting it to smell sweeter and heavier but this is better than I expected. Thank you!

Mary E.M.
Truly Magical - July 2022

This might be my new favorite scent! It transports you right to the halls of Hogwarts. It’s woody and a little sweet to create the perfect magical mix.

Ashley R.
July 2022 Scent - Amazing!!

If you didn't buy the July scent of the month, I'm sad for you. This one is amazing! It smells so good. It takes me all over. To an old bookstore on a cute little Main St, to the beach to put my toes in the sand and soak up some sun, to a relaxing little cottage in a meadow on a breezy spring day. This one has it all, I'm obsessed.

Lucy U.
Smells Like a Fruit Drink! (JUNE 2022)

This one smelled different than I expected but it's really yummy. The cold throw smells like the blended strawberry banana drink you can buy in a big carton which makes me want some. The hot throw is about the same. This scent is among the many that reminds me of my childhood. Thank you!

Magic...(July 2022)

I couldn't wait to get home and burn this scent! All scents I loved mixed in one wax melt. The scent of amber and sandlewood (along with many others) will my home making it quite calming for me. So glad I got the wax melts, so I can melt this one for a long time! You're doing an amazing job DIO! Never a disappointment with what I purchase from you!!

So calming (June 2022)

Loved this scent. It's a light fruity smells that's not over powering at all. I'm not a fruity scent person, but this I will burn over and over. Way to go DIO!!

Lucy U.
Belated Review...Oops! (MAY 2022)

I was born in 1998 so I didn't get to experience the 90s like others had, but this candle gives me a piece of it. I'm wondering if the scent is the same as the cologne my dad got sick of smelling on everyone, haha. I know I sure like how it smells. The cold throw is a good citrus cologne smell with a hint of smokiness or something that isn't overwhelming. It's perfect. The hot throw smells a little more warm and comforting like essential oils. One of my younger sisters had to have one of her own she loved it so much. Thanks!

Aaron G.
Great sent I love it (June 2022)

Picked up the Plumaria and Palm melts and I could not be happier. The sent is not only amazing but I love how Dio’s melts last and stay strong all the way through. Definitely put this on your list!

Jennifer B.
Childhood memories (May 2022)

You known when you smell something and it instantly brings you back to that time/memory? That's this smell for sure!!! 90's cologne smell that is not overwhelming but relaxing if that makes sense. If you like a more masculine smell, aka cologne types, this is the scent for you! I would recommend this to everyone! Definitely brought me back to happy memories!!

Lucy U.
I Don't Want This to End! (APRIL 2022)

I was so excited when I found out April's candle of the month was Cleopatra. I was obsessed with ancient Egypt when I was younger and that part of me hasn't died out yet, so I'm glad I discovered this website when I did. The cold throw smells like the best homemade soap ever⁠— the kind that's cozy and sort of sweet, and there is a hint of berry underneath. The hot throw is a little heavier but not sickening, which was great because I had it burning while doing some spring cleaning in my room. My favorite part is the color of the wax with the beautiful gold glitter. I can't stop looking at it. Thank you!