Self Discovery Candle


Ah Self Discovery, the unsung genre of the 90's! This body spray fragrance was at it's all time high, and now you can smell it whenever you want! Thought provoking cucumber melon is fresh and fruity with a mild musk base making it very inviting!

Scent Profile: Cucumber Melon Body Spray

• Top Notes: Cucumber, Green Leaves
• Mid Notes: Honeydew Melon
• Base Notes: Musk


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Cucumber Melon Goodness!!!

This candle will make you want to eat it lol but you know don't! Instead sniff away the deliciousness :)

Fruity light lovely scent

Totally agree with the description of this candle! That cucumber melon was my GO TO bath and body works scent. You know it!!! Very fresh smell and bright label, bring to mind the lightness that comes with an awareness of something you've learned about yourself. My second favorite from the box!

"I am totally buggin..."

About how amazing this candle is! This was by far my favorite in the box, 1. because it was inspired by one of my all time favorite movies, and 2. because it has one of my all time favorite scents! You can never go wrong with cucumber melon! This candle definitely gives me lots of nostalgic feels, it's smells so, SO good and I'll definitely be order more in the future.

My fave from this box!

The 90's defined my formative years - I turned 20 in 1999 - and this is why I decided to sub. The cucumber melon was spot on and reminded me of getting out my lotion in class! I could smell this one all day long and it was my favorite from the adorable sub this month.


Guys, Dio NAILED IT with this scent. A sniff of this, and your mind presses rewind, and memories play in front of you. Also, the scent reminds me of a gum, which I think is Fruit Stripe. My friend Reva used to chew it, and I got the pleasure of having it at her house since I wasn't allowed near sugar at home. That blast from the past was thanks to this candle. Light it, and do your own time warp.

The Perfect Scent for Thought

Really lovely clean scent that smells even better while slowly burning. It's the perfect candle to light when you just want to sit back and be alone with your thoughts. Perfect color too - the bright yellow for summer was an excellent choice.

You know that one body spray?

This smells just like cucumber melon body spray. Seriously, who didn't love that. And spray it all over everything. This was my favorite from this set.


I love the smell of this candle. It smells so fresh and wonderful

Sweet !

This candle smells so good, like some sweets i used to eat when i was little. The color is such a strong sunny yellow, which makes me happy. Plus the label is super pretty.


I think we are always on a journey of self discovery, no matter how far we are in life. And this candle is perfect. It's a super nostalgic scent and it's amazing. Also the label and the color of the candle is gorgeous.

4,000+ 5⭐️ REVIEWS

4,000+ 5⭐️ REVIEWS

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Favorite floral

I'm not usually big on floral candles because they're generally too sweet smelling. Not this one. I love this one so very much. It's not perfumey or cloying. I feel like it smells like a real Lilac bush. Love it so much I have a big one for home and small ones for my desk at work.


Another amazing scent! This immediately caught my attention and I couldn’t resist anything about it! Another one of my favorites added to my already long list! Upon first sniff it brought me back to the days of enjoying sherbet as a kid! Smells Exactly like it tastes! I will absolutely be getting this in a larger size!


Cream soda has to be one of my favorite flavors & this candle is spot on to the real thing! The creaminess is absolutely divine & I can’t get enough of its nostalgic goodness!

Peachy Princess

Princess and a giant peach!👑 🍑 I love this one a lot! It reminds me of taking a bite out of a warm peach on a hot summer day or a yummy peach cobbler!

So cute!

I love banana flavors a lot & of course unicorns! I think this candle is just lovely!
Everything about it down to the glitter is a nice touch✨