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Scent: CK1 Type - New Blouse

Smells like

Ck1 Type - New Blouse

Going to the Mall? Walking by ladies spraying spritzes of the season's hottest perfumes and colognes! Pair that with the smell of new clothes and you've hit your shopping spree high!

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Floral and fresh. Perfect for that spree.

This one wasn't my favorite of the set but I still really liked it. It was floral and fresh and not overpoweringly perfume-y or cologne-y. There was a hint of the fabric smell, it wasn't strong but it was enough to take me back to the retail store I work at. I loved the label and the color. The yellow was bright and cheery and a perfect match for a happy shopping spree. If you love a subtle floral perfume smell or love department stores, this is the candle you need.


Department stores don’t really have a smell to me, unless if you are travelling by the perfume. That can be too much! But there is this fresh scent that I get from this candle that I enjoy. Like clean clothes. And I don’t know what CK1 is, but if this candle is supposed to be that, then I would always go in!


This one's my favourite from the Mall Madness Box. I thought it would smell so strong because it was described as having the scent of the perfume/cologne section of the department store and that section gives me headaches. But it's not!!! It's perfect and not overwhelming at all. Kinda light and sweet scent which is perfect.

Subtle Floral

This one has a nice subtle floral smell to it. It's not overpowering and doesn't give me a headache like the perfume counter at a department store does. It embodies it's title perfectly.

Sweet and Fresh

This incredible candle absolutely reminds me of a department store and checking out the sample of your favourite perfume. There is a light sweetness and an airy freshness that balances it all out. If you were a CK1 fan this will be a walk down memory lane for you.

Fresh and floral

This one smells exactly like walking into a department store, but not too overwhelming. I really like it

very nice !

smells very nice, like floral perfume, but not too strong, rather light - i like it :)


This one wasn’t my favorite, but it’s alright.

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Smells great

Sweet yet subtle, a very pleasant smell.

Loooove me some ginger ale!

This is quite possibly the cutest game controller I have ever seen!!! And how fun that you can personalize? The scent on this one is perfect because I am a huge ginger ale fan! I don’t know how but you can smell the carbonation (maybe that’s the zesty coming through?!?) It’s incredible and the yellow wax is the perfect fit!!

This is such a pretty candle! The scent is light, airy and peachy, with some rich cream notes underneath. I highly recommend this one if you love fruity or dessert scented candles.

There are a few Dio scents that use a similar vanilla scent and I always fall head over heels for them. It's rich, warm, sexy and a little masculine. Perfect for the theme of this candle.

Sparkling Ginger Ale

Bubbly and enticing! Dio makes the BEST soda scented candles. I've tried three now, and they are instant favourites. I'd buy a full line of soda scents happily. You can even smell the tingly carbonation!