Smolder and Brooding Candle

Scent: Men's Cologne - Orange - Mint - Pine

Smells like

Men's Cologne - Orange - Mint - Pine

The eyes have it! Studies show that smoldering eyes and serious contemplative stares are the most sensational attributes that set our skin ablaze. This intoxicating blend of men's cologne paired with cooling mint, a hint of pine, and a sharp orange undertone make this aroma intensity realized.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

I bought this candle because I have a friend who is CRAZY for this candle. And honestly? Every time I sniff it, I love it even more. It's a unique scent in that I THINK I can mainly catch the mint and orange, but does it ever work!!!! I really like it! May need to upgrade myself....

Husband's Review

My wife called this her "Candle Boyfriend" today... But I like it enough that I don't mind.

Jon Snow Smells Good!

Oh man, if this is what Jon Snow smells like, he better run because I'm going to hug him and not let him go. This is such a great winter scent. I've had the candle for about two weeks, and it's already half gone because I burn it almost every day. The blend of scents is perfect, I can smell all of the scent notes but none of them is overpowering the others. It's sweet and manly, and that's a combination I love.

Loved It!

Great fresh blend that evokes the best of winter!

This Candle Knows Nothing

This candle knows nothing but it smells fantastic in the jar!!!!! I refuse to burn it until the new season premier..... can't wait!!!

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Another fave of mine

I love this scent. It’s relaxing and light and fresh and wonderful. Perfect scent all year round.

Pretty candle / lovely scent

This is a very pretty candle. We currently have it burning upstairs. It’s a light scent that brightens any room.

Husbands fave!

My husband loves the fun scent of this candle. It reminds me of those cool scented dolls I had as a kid or really awesome scented stickers.

So relaxing!

I love everything about this candle. It’s light and refreshing scent is the perfect addition to any quiet time. Love to light it while reading and relaxing!

Love The Name!

My favorite collection is the Bookish Candles! This one smells so good. I had to order more because I enjoyed it so much. I also ordered some for my book club ladies!