Spoonful of Sugar Candle Gift Set

Smells like Practically Perfect in Every Way - Step in Time - Lets Go Fly a Kite


Practically Perfect in Every Way - Step in Time - Lets Go Fly a Kite

If you're feeling practically perfect in every way, or are looking for an Au Pair with magical house cleaning and child disciplining skills, you'll love this whimsical gift set! Limited Edition label design and inventory!

Practically Perfect in Every Way (Sugar - Roses - Strawberry)
Step in Time (Leather - Vanilla - Smokey Chimney)
Lets Go Fly a Kite (Clear Skies - City Park Grass - Fall Leaves)

Gift sets include candles, collector's style hard cover reusable gift box, and personalized gift note!

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Super cute!

This set is super cute and candles smelled just as described- my favorite is Let’s Go Fly a Kite :)

I'm So Glad I Got This Set!

I am beyond thrilled I managed to score one of these sets. Everything about it goes past practically perfect into totally perfect. The labels are some of the best Dio has ever done. The scents are gloriously layered and balanced and definitely evoke the movie for me. This may be the very first set of Dio candles I'm reluctant to burn, only because I know I can't get more if they run out. I'll burn them anyway though because they are too good to sit on a shelf.

Love It!

Mary Poppins is a staple in life, so MP candles??? Yes please!!! These candles smell incredible, the labels are perfect, and, as always, the customer service was exceptional!!!!! I really hope there are more sets like these in the future!!!!

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★★★★★ Over 1,000 5 STAR Reviews

★★★★★ Over 1,000 5 STAR Reviews

1674 reviews

This one is in my top faves for sure!!! The smell of it is AMAZING and I am sad because I don't have any of it left lol. I definitely need an 8oz of this one!!! Even though I don't eat a lot of peaches, the smell of them is just incredible and this candle has captured the smell perfectly!!! I highly highly recommend this one!!!!

Another tree scented one, this one is a nice blend and doesn't scream TREE like others. I really enjoy the blend in this one, and the orange spice balances well with the tree scent!!! What a gorgeous red colour too!!!!

I bought this candle because I have a friend who is CRAZY for this candle. And honestly? Every time I sniff it, I love it even more. It's a unique scent in that I THINK I can mainly catch the mint and orange, but does it ever work!!!! I really like it! May need to upgrade myself....

'm not sure what scent note I smell most prominently, to be honest. It's a lovely smell (it's possible I feel I should have been Italian) and I can't wait to see how it burns down!!! The red colour is very vibrant and I love the checkered label!!!!

This candle is so spicy and yummy!!! It smells almost minty mixed with spices used in a carrot cake *drool*. Must. Get. A. Bigger. One. The label is super pretty too, with different shades of blue and lots of swirls!!!