Strange Things in the Upside Down Candle

Scent: Waffles - Syrup - Woods

Smells like

Waffles - Syrup - Woods

Eleven hides out in the woods and eats Eggo waffles and your house can smell like you do too! Stranger things have happened. This fragrance really smells like waffles in the woods!

*2018 Label Designed in part with art purchased from DigitalMoonCraft

Customer Reviews

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Waffle Goodness

I accidentally burned this one for too long and my house smelled like syrupy waffles all night!

Waffles! Waffles! Waffleeeees!

This delicious smelling candle will have giddy and wanting to watch Stranger Things again and again! Why not light the candle and indulge in the delicious smell of waffles and awesomeness that is the show Stranger Things? :)

Leggo My Candle!!

Hands off! This delicious syrupy sweet candle is mine! Not only do I love, love, love waffles I also absolutely love Stranger Things so this candle seems like it was made for me. Especially because it has just a little bit of darkness in it, just like me. It smells just like waffles, not just the sickly sweet scent of maple syrup. When I received my adorable monthly box, this candle was broken and unusable. They quickly sent me a replacement which I greatly appreciate because this is one of my favorites from the October box.


This was by far my favorite candle from the October box! Sometimes candles that have a maple scent come off too strong and sweet for me, or it smells really artificial, but this candle fills the room with the aroma of there actually being freshly made waffles in the house. Also, if you pair it with the PSL candle, it smells even more heavenly. I would definitely recommend this candle to anyone who wants the perfect fall candle!

Makes you want to watch Stranger Things! again

The candle to match the most aniticipated show of the season does not disappoint!! A not overpowering smell of waffles and maple syrup is heavenly , and the candle itself has a swirl of darkness inside representing the Upside Down. Love this!


I burned this candle while watching Stranger Things 2 and it was perfect! Love the scent of this one!

From my fave box so far!

Love every one in this box! It definitely captures all that is a syrupy waffle in the upside down! Sweet and a little dark..

A perfect 11! (Get it??)

My favourite thing about this candle is that it isn't overly sweet. Im not a huge fan of candles that smell like sugar. This one has a nice buttery vanilla scent with a hint of something else. My candle wasn't as swirly as others I've seen, but it doesn't take away from how great it smells. I love this candle.

Syrupy sweet

Man if I could eat a candle it would definitely be this sweet Eggo waffle candle. The coloring and label are perfect as always.

This candle makes me want to watch Stranger Things

& that's saying something! I must be one of the only people with Netflix who hasn't seen the show. This smells like a syrupy, buttery waffle you would get at a fancy hotel! The label is also so cute!

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Smells great

Sweet yet subtle, a very pleasant smell.

Loooove me some ginger ale!

This is quite possibly the cutest game controller I have ever seen!!! And how fun that you can personalize? The scent on this one is perfect because I am a huge ginger ale fan! I don’t know how but you can smell the carbonation (maybe that’s the zesty coming through?!?) It’s incredible and the yellow wax is the perfect fit!!

This is such a pretty candle! The scent is light, airy and peachy, with some rich cream notes underneath. I highly recommend this one if you love fruity or dessert scented candles.

There are a few Dio scents that use a similar vanilla scent and I always fall head over heels for them. It's rich, warm, sexy and a little masculine. Perfect for the theme of this candle.

Sparkling Ginger Ale

Bubbly and enticing! Dio makes the BEST soda scented candles. I've tried three now, and they are instant favourites. I'd buy a full line of soda scents happily. You can even smell the tingly carbonation!