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Traditional Style Adorable Christmas Box Spectacular

Do you love Christmas? Of Course you do! I bet you know someone else that does too! Our Adorable Christmas Box Spectacular collection has been curated for every type of Christmas!

This one here, the Traditional Style, is for all those who celebrate Christmas with their families, and extended families, and friends, and neighbors, and sure your coworker can stop by… why not? The more the merrier, right?

This Adorable® set of candles encompasses the very essence of traditional Christmas in 4 amazing ways. Let’s say it’s a cold winter’s night, you’re at your family Christmas party, you can smell Mom’s cookies baking in the oven, and everyone is Merry and Bright. You stop to look at the most perfectly decorated tree you’ve ever seen, the twinkling lights bounce off nearby walls in such a way that makes you feel like a kid again.That’s the experience we’ve boxed up for you. You’re welcome.

This gift set is delivered to your door GIFT-GIVING ready!

What the heck does that even mean?

We’ve taken the liberty of already wrapping your gift in premium Christmas wrapping paper; complete with a bow, and gift tag. Unwrap our gift yourselves (we’re not judging) and you’ll see a specially decorated box complete with wrap-around Merry Christmas paper ribbon and Adorable set sticker. Break the seal and inside you’ll find 4 Adorable size candles ® individually wrapped in tissue paper, and a tiny candy cane. And under those we’ve placed 4 description cards, one for each candle in the box. Also included is a 5$ coupon for

Scent descriptions for this set are below:

Christmas Tree:

You know that real Christmas tree you had when you were younger? Well, we found it in your memories and melted it down into this irresistible candle that smells exactly like a fresh cut tree, snowflakes and all. Take a whiff and reminisce about the Christmas from your childhood.

Christmas Spirit:

We can’t all have a white Christmas, but that doesn’t mean we can’t pretend. Christmas is the season of perpetual hope, after all. Embodying the Christmas spirit brings about joy to our lives, gratefulness to our hearts and the kindness we show to others. The cold weather evokes this human nature to take care of one another, especially those seeking warmth. This jar contains the magic of glistening snow, and the ethereal experience of peaceful quiet.

Christmas Cookies:

Warm, buttery and deliciously frosted. This is what Christmas dreams are made of. That, and the ability to eat all the Christmas cookies and not have any of the calories count. This delectable scent is a perfect blend of French vanilla, sugar, shortening and just a dash of spice to make everything nice. 

Christmas Cheer:

Pass around the Christmas cheer, your favorite bottle of red, with those closest to you. This exclusive holiday red is made up of a bright Cabernet sauvignon and enjoyed with top notes of Christmas spice.

Customer Reviews

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Lovely gift for myself ! I deserved it ;)

It was perfectly wrapped and looked super cute ! I loved each candle that was included, but my favorite is probably Christmas Cheer ! It smells insanely good.

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