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Dont you love to be bad? These villainous candles will indulge your inner evil in the sweetest way. 

Each set includes 4 candles (as shown in picture) and a printed description of each scent. Spoil yourself or buy this as a gift for a good friend!

Scent descriptions are below:

King Slayer:

Call him what you want, he is after all a King Slayer, but look a little closer at Jaime Lannister and you might see a man with a hard heart. Loving your sister isn't easy, but throw in the mix that you're in love with her too and there you have a "cant end any other way than miserable" romance. When love crosses lines with duty, where will the game pieces fall? When you play the Game, you win or die. Become the very essence of Jaime with this complex blend!

Scent Notes: Musk + Amber + Kings Landing


The Night King

When the children of the forest made the Night King, they made sure to make this super villain smell absolutely divine, the way only Old Man Winter can smell. His stillness is captured in ancient herbs, swirled with wood notes and the biting bitter cold that can only be described as ice magic. Join the enemy of the living in the conquest to freeze the world over.

Scent Notes: Ancient woods + Ice + Dark Magic + The Long Night


Winter is Coming:

The Starks have held Winterfell for over 8,000 years. Light this candle and you’ll be transported to an ancient castle, with winter falling all around you. Through trials and tribulations, love and death, only one thing is true. Winter is coming. And it’s coming for you!

Scent Notes: Frosted Mint Leaf + Snow Flurries + Godswood

Ice Dragon:

The fabled Ice Dragon from years and years of speculation has reared it's frozen head. Completely drenched in ice and dark magic, what better than an equal opponent to Daenerys' fire breathing counter parts. This song of ice fragrance inspired by the magical beasts in the beloved series is a symphony of clove, ice and just a hint of dragon fire. 

Scent Notes: Extinguished Viserion


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