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This Dunder Mifflin office aroma is reminiscent of warm copies, break room chatter, and yes, hints of coffee with milk and sugar! For the best boss we never had, we pay homage with a candle that Michael didn’t have to invest in! (sorry Jan, these candles are better than yours.)

Scent Profile: Milk - Sugar - Coffee

• Top Notes: Oats, Cocoa Bean
• Mid Notes: Sugar, Cream
• Base Notes: Coffee

Customer Reviews

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Wow another Home Run!

I'll have milk and 2 sugars in my coffee, please! Incredible! Just in time for Coffee Break, too!

I purchased the Root Beer Float, Hawaiian...

I purchased the Root Beer Float, Hawaiian Ohana, and World's Best Boss candles - they were all super adorable and came in very cute packaging! The candles smelled EXACTLY LIKE their intended scent, which made for an awesome reaction for those I gifted them to! They were shipped and delivered a bit later than anticipated, but it was right in the middle of the holiday season so that's most likely the reason why. I was very satisfied overall and would love to order from this shop again :)

These candles absolutely adorable and smel...

These candles absolutely adorable and smell delicious, I ordered the Butteredbeer, Bigmouse Pastries, and Around the World candles and they all came very quickly! I got them for my boyfriend's sister who is currently living abroad; she worked at both the Disney and Universal parks in FL so she was so excited to get these. :)

Delightful smell and fast shipping

Delightful smell and fast shipping

World's best boss

Love this candle so much! Best most unique smell, like coffee and paper hot off the printer. It helps me get in the zone for homework!

Like a cup of Light & Sweet

Such a cute little candle!
The smell is a great combination of coffee with cream and sugar and a pile of warm paper fresh from the copier!


This candle was perfect! Loved the scent and love The Office!

I personally do not like the smell of this...

I personally do not like the smell of this candle very much at all but my boyfriend likes it, which is what counts. :)

How the Turn Tables

Definitely my favorite from the box! I love The Office SO much and this captured the greatness of Michael Scott spot on. I think we need to see a whole collection of Office candles ;)

That's what she said!!

Not only is this candle designed after one of the funniest bosses of all time but it also smells like a perfect little cup of coffee. What a great mix! The Office has quickly become one of my all time favorite shows thanks to some Netflix binging so I have a growing appreciation of this little candle. I know some The Office lovers and coffee lovers that are going to be receiving this candle as a gift!