Mermaid's Splash Candle

Scent: Tropical Caribbean Fruit - Sea Water

Smells like

Tropical Caribbean Fruit - Sea Water

A whimsical fragrance of tropical Caribbean fruit and salty sea water is a splash of fun! Explore the Caspian Sea in this fin flipping aroma inspired by Mermaid folklore!

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Tropical Getaway Please?

The tropical fruit in this candle really does it for me. The sea water is more subtle, but it makes for a very well-balanced scent and I know exactly what I'm going to read while burning this one!

Gorgeous fruity and beachy blend!

I bought this for a mermaid-loving friend and it's SO lovely. I adore the tropical fruit with the beachy/oceany feel! Perfect for any mermaid, and of course, fast shipping!


I am absolutely IN LOVE with these candles. I get a Disney box every month and I was given this one and Neverland. They are absolutely amazing. I just ordered a ton more, because I have never felt like candles were worth the money until now! They make your house smell just like the candle smells and that is such a big deal! You can tell a lot of thought and care was put into each and every one of these candles.

So cute and smells great

I got this as a gift and love it

So much love!

As a lifelong Little Mermaid fan, I was so excited to get it! It's a perfect mix of rainwater freshness and an ocean breeze!

Much love to this candle.

I love very tropical scents, and... Hello! The Little Mermaid is my favorite Disney movie, and Ariel is my favorite princess. I couldn't resist. I'm definitely tempted to get the other ones from this scent after smelling this beautiful candle. So magical!

Amazing scent!

We are huge Disney fans, and our home is beach themed-- so of course I had to have this! I absolutely love the smell. Very clean and pretty!

Super size it!

Love love love these candles! Loved this scent so much I had to super size it and get one in super adorable!!!

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The BEST Christmas tree smell EVER!!

We get a live tree every year and the smell is the best part... but of course, only the room with the tree smells. Well, now my upstairs smells EXACTLY like a live tree and I couldn’t be happier. This is the absolute best smelling tree candle I’ve ever had, and I’ve tried a lot! I will definitely be buying more!!

Love this smell!!!

The smell combination in this candle is amazing!!! It's like an earthy/forest smell mixed with mint. Very refreshing

Smells so good!

This candle has a fresh and clean scent. I love it!

One of my all time favs!

I love this candle! Whether you like wine or not, I think you’ll love this scent. It just smells sooo good! You get the wine with the fruit overtones and it just works so well together.

Christmas in a jar!

This smells just like Christmas to me! I love this scent. If you buy just one holiday candle this year, this should be it!