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La Casa di Dio Candles or Wax Melts
Tara-Jean L. (Calgary, AB)

Absolutely love it! My kiddo wanted candles to smell savoury and I found this one! He loves it!!

The perfect after Christmas smell

I changed my wax melts to this one after all the holiday stuff was put away. It's like my Christmas tree is still lingering around, but nowhere to be seen. It's the Christmas spirit with the decorations. It's like I still feel like it's the holiday season, yet spring is right around the corner. Perfect end of the season send off!! Love it!!

pleasure abounds

your product and spirit in communications are superb. They both take me to another place,a place of relaxation and hope for the future. the product itself is excellent. the spirit behind it is also excellent and refreshing to read .I wish you and your shop the best for the future.

Kind Buds Candles or Wax Melts
Emily E. (Elkview, WV)
Kind buds tarts

Just got my order today. I was so excited. You guys did not disappoint! Love the smell. So relaxing after work.

Lovely fragrance

Brings back memories of youth

Love, love

Smells heavenly!

Coffee, Yummy

Love this, smells like a coffee bar.

Dive Bar Candles or Wax Melts
Julie M. (Ontario, CA)
Wonderful wax melts

Love this fragrance so much

Pepper Soda Candles or Wax Melts
Julie M. (Ontario, CA)
Great results!

Love these so much, so much great fragrance

Smells like fresh baked cookies!

I'm always wary of getting candles that smell like baked goods, as they seem to always end up having an overpowering sugar scent. Not this one! It smells EXACTLY like you just baked a batch of oatmeal cookies! Want your home to smell like baked goods without going through the trouble of baking? This is the perfect candle!

Coziest candle ever!

Been looking for a candle like this for ages!! Smells just like a bonfire or fireplace. This is a great candle to light on a cold winter night. The scent is a nice, balanced smoky scent that has good range and staying power. It isn't a fake or overpowering scent like I've had with similar scents from other brands! Will definitely purchase this scent again.

Essence of Autumn!

Definitely one of my favorites. Has an earthy, sweet smell. Smells like a rainy fall day concentrated into a jar! If autumn is your favorite season, this candle is for you!

Guess the scent game

Loved the smell and the 🌈 color. My guess cookie dough, berries and brown sugar. Order #10970

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Book Sale Candles or Wax Melts
Jessica S. (Omaha, NE)
Book sale

One of my favorite scents! Gave as a gift to my mother-in-law and she loves it.

Hardware Store Candles or Wax Melts
Kylee C. (Woodstock, IL)
birthday present

My sisters birthday is coming up. I was planning on giving this to her, but I kinda want to keep it for myself lol I would definitely buy from this place again

Mint Mojito Candles or Wax Melts
Jesse K. (Orange, CA)
Mint Mojito Swag

Smells so accurate, so cute, east shopping, perfect

The perfect gift!

I designed something for a partner and wanted put it on a candle. Dio was the perfect solution! It looked gorgeous and the candle smelled delicious.

Guess the Scent Game Candle
Zachary P. (Brooklyn, NY)
Guess The Scent

This one is a bit late and we had to burn through the candle to get a guess! We loved this scent and our guess for 9356 is Gardenia-Clove-Myrrh-Patchouli!

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Reindeer Poop Candles or Wax Melts
Jennifer H. (Cham, ZG)
Great names, lovely “not fake” smell

I sent this as a gift and the recipient said she especially loved that the scent wasn’t fake. And of course the hilarious name was a big hit.

Kind of sugary.

Smells fruity and a little floral. Nice.

Smells tasty!

This candle is making me hungry!

Wooden Bookmark
ks (Somersworth, NH)

This was a gift with an order. It is a thin but solid piece of wood. Does what a bookmark does.

Christmas Phone Stand
ks (Somersworth, NH)

Adorable logo and the stand works like it should.

White Christmas Bookmark
ks (Somersworth, NH)

This was a freebie with an order. What can I say? It marks books wonderfully.

A wisp of smoke.

Sweetly warm and wafts of vanilla delicateness.