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Fresh Grass

This smells green and wonderful and just like crushing blades of grass between your fingers. Throw is great with the wax melts.

Be kind, please rewind! 🙂

Smells so nostalgic you’ll think you’re in the New Release section! 🎞🎞🎞

Use Your Own Image + Create a Custom 8oz Scented Candle


Took us a while but we figured out it is ANISE


Our guess for #74 is TROPICAL FRUIT

My scent guess

I think this is pipe tobacco!

Great product. I love the candle.

I bought a candle for my best friend. It is great, beautiful look, and fast service. I will definitely order from them again.


This smells exactly like sitting in front of a wood burning fire place. The predominant scent is fire/smoky but I do discern a bit of the other scent notes. Great throw with the wax melts!

Never Disappoints

I love when new candles arrive but then I hate burning them and them be all gone. Then I have a huge debate with myself- reorder or try something different? Either way, I am never disappointed

French Fry Fantastic

I ordered these candles for a McDonald’s Themed Bridal Shower….. it they worked PERFECTLY for the gifts that the guests won our party games!!! Could not recommend this business more!!💕💕💕 I cannot wait for the holidays to do a fun candle exchange!! 🥰💕💕💕 Also, I won’t spoil it, but the auto email when you order is so sweet and one of a kind. Wanna find out what they say? Order their candles stat!!

Fun Smell. Almost There

It has a great and old dusty smell. Similar to an antique store. I could go for a little less of the jelly belly fake popcorn smell, it overpowers the rest sometimes. Could go for a little more cardboard and box smell. But regardless, it’s solid.

Smell Amazing

The Danish Tin Cookies and Bibliophile wax melts smell amazing and last a long while.

Video Store Candle
Isabella A.
Best video store candle

Big fan of this candle! It really does get that vintage 90's/00's video store smell right. I worked at a video store during the 00's and it did smell like this!! This scent triggers alot of memories. There are other companies producing a similar scent,but DIO Candle gets it more accurate by adding that dusty carpet smell along with the popcorn and VHS box scents. Other candles I've tried just smell like popcorn overload but this one gets it right with that carpet and plastic box smells. This one is a winner.

Hey Boyfriend

This is the perfect musky smell. Like you're surrounded by old books and great smelling men. I like it. A soothing, and not overpowering scent for relaxing.

Sweet and spicy

Spice of the pumpkin and then you get that sweet smelling banana behind it. Great mix for a fall scent!

I want to go apple picking!

Apples all the way. Why do all these candles make me hungry?? The smell of apple is unreal and just a hint of the great outdoors makes a great combination.

And now I'm Hungry..

This is how your house should smell on a crisp fall morning. Spice in the air and waffles in the kitchen. If this doesn't make your heart happy, and your taste buds wake up, I don't know what's wrong with you!

Pumpkin Royalty

Spicy and sweet, just like Sally. This is a great candle, you get that spice scent in your nose, but the sweet right behind it, a haunting mix! .

A Unique Christmas Candle

I wasn't sure if I would like this one but I thought I might as well give it a try. The cold throw is a rather unexpected mix of pineapple and pine with the vanilla and raspberry rounding it out. The hot throw is pineapple and pine but blended perfectly together so it's like it's a new fruit. I love the glitter as always. The name of this candle makes me think of my little brother singing the song, so I might have to get him one of these for Christmas. Thank you!

The Kind of Fall Candle I Love

I finally got my hands on this candle and I'm not disappointed. The cold throw has a sharp smokiness with soft vanilla underneath. The hot throw smells a little mysterious in a way and the small wisp of smoke when the candle is blown out adds a ghostly effect. Everything about this candle is me. The label, the name, the smell, I just love it. Thank you!

A Clever Candle

I'm not a fan of chocolate scented things but this one was pretty good! The cold throw smells like putting up a Christmas tree and drinking hot chocolate. The hot throw has a bit more raspberry. Right away I loved the name of this candle and it makes me want to decorate the house for Christmas. Thank you!

Christmas Shopping!

This candle makes me feel like a little kid shopping during Christmastime. The cold throw smells like when you walk into a mall with cinnamon, cranberry and lemon. The hot throw smells a little sweeter and warmer.

Fresh and Summery (AUGUST 2022)

I was very curious to know what this candle would smell like and I was really pleased with it. The cold throw actually smells like cucumber rinds, beets/dirt, and fruit. The hot throw smells like fresh green vegetables. This is the kind of candle you want when you are missing late summer and can't go to buy fresh produce. Thank you!


The scent is truly a delight. It is so yummy, summery, creamy, and nostalgic. The wick burns really well and the scent goes a long distance. I recommend this company to anyone looking for candles of any type!!

Space Ranch

Excellent, high quality, thank you!