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Great for Fall

Rainy first weekend of fall and this was perfect in the house getting ready for Halloween.

Bookstore Candle
Lori (Chicopee, MA)
Bookstore Heaven

Love this candle, when I can't actually be in a book store I can light this and imagine I am!

Library Reads Candle
Lori (Chicopee, MA)
Library Reads for every book lover!

Love Library Reads!

Guess the Scent Game Candle
WILLIAM S. (Denver, CO)
My Candle Guess

Excellent product

Hot Pretzels Candle
Suz (Wichita, KS)
Super fun scent

I love soft pretzels, and this totally reminds me of them. I don’t tolerate many candle scents due to migraines, but I can do this one and it’s super fun!

Haunted House Candle
Mary E.M. (Philadelphia, PA)
Just Spooky Enough

Haunted House is a great lighter scent for fall/Halloween. It’s not overwhelming, but has the perfect mix of woody and sweet which creates the perfect spooky ambiance.

Video Store Candle
anjelica (Medford, NY)
Bring me back to 11PM trips to the Video Store

I was skeptical when I opened the package, but when I smelled it, I immediately went back to summer nights when my friend's mom would bring us to the "Video Store" to get movies to watch during sleepovers. It felt like I had walked right back in and somebody had spilled a soda or popcorn all over the front and they were cleaning up. It's such a nostalgic candle!

Homemade Bread Candle
Candice C. (Bloomington, IN)

I was worried about shipping wax melts in the summer heat, but they arrived perfectly! Smells like fresh bread perfection.

Guess the Scent Game Candle
Jovaughn A. (Longmont, CO)
My candle addiction has begun!

These candles are amazing! I have loved and enjoyed every candle that I have purchased!

Autumn Bakery Candle
P. O. (Kearny, NJ)

Just like all Dio candles spot on!

Pumpkin King Candle
jason d. (Santa Clara, CA)
Jack The Pumpkin King

This is Halloween, this is Halloween
Halloween, Halloween!!
Smells just like watching Nightmare Before Christmas!!!! Pumpkin, smoke, fall, leaves, wet woods, great fall addition

Surf Club Candle
jason d. (Santa Clara, CA)
California dreaming

Living in San Diego for a few years, this candle smells like walking the shops of La Jolla. Citrus, beach, sun tan lotion, cocktails. It's a great summer candle!

Spiced Apple Donuts Candle
Allison R. (Branchville, NJ)
Babe, where's the donuts?

So my boyfriend officially hates this scent because he came home and was so excited that the house was filled with the smell of fresh baked goods, yet there was nothing for him to eat. I, however, am so thoroughly obsessed with this candle that I may or may not have tried to eat it. This smells exactly like the apple cider donuts from Windy Brow and I'm so happy that I bought this one!!!

Saturday Cartoons Cereal Candle
Allison R. (Branchville, NJ)
Your inner child is waiting

I will buy this one over and over again. It confuses the children and guests because they swear they smell fruity pebbles. I cannot believe how accurately this captures the smell of cereal and Saturday mornings.

Battle Royale Candle
Allison R. (Branchville, NJ)
Great vanilla chai scent!

I loooooove this scent!! Definitely my favorite. It's creamy vanilla with a little spice and it creates such a calm, wonderful smell. If unicorns had a signature scent, this would be it.

Fill the Box Mystery doesn’t disappoint.

Such a great selection and great way to try new scents.

Saturday Cartoons Cereal Candle
Gabriel (Brooklyn, NY)
Awesome candle!

Smells just like fruity pebbles!

High quality unique scented candles & melts

I am very fortunate to have found Dio while searching for unique candles. I've always been intrigued by unusual and nostalgic smells and am very impressed with the variety and quality of the wax melts I bought. The hardest part was using restraint since there are so many creative options. I got hockey rink, hardware store, ghost stories, blustery day and grandma's house. They are all so unique, I can't possibly choose which I like best. I have my eye of several others and will definitely be buying more.

Thoroughbred Candle
Rhett T. (Fayetteville, AR)
Best candles I’ve ever purchased

The unique scents are amazing. Nostalgic. And last! My house smells so amazing!! Cannot say enough good things! BUY BUY BUY!!

Bookstore Candle
Nancy S. (Hoover, AL)
Love this scent! It will be included in a book themed gift bag for our fearless book club leader...

Shipping was prompt and the scent takes you back to your favorite bookstore.

Adorable Scent Game
K.P. (Denver, CO)
We think Almond macaroon

I thought it was great

Thanks for playing! We've contacted you to let you know the results of your guess.

Vampire Candle
Jay (Laurel, MD)
Yummy Halloween Scent

This scent is sweet and pleasant with the earthier notes adding uniqueness. Great throw with the wax melts. Good for Halloween and all year round.

Sugar and Spiced Candle
Jay (Laurel, MD)
Sugary, Spicy and Nice

This scent is yummy! Perfect balance of ginger bread, brown sugar and spice. Perfect amout of sweetness and not cloying. Strong throw with the wax melts. Amazing customer service and quick delivery!

Cowgirl Candle
Jay (Laurel, MD)
Smells great!

Very earthy and unique scent which truly evokes the cowgirl concept. Base note of earth was the most predominant to my nose but all of the scent notes come through. I thoroughly enjoyed this scent!

Video Store Candle
JLee (Manahawkin, NJ)
Obsessed with this nostalgic scent

I personally love the mental space smelling this magical moment takes me & could not wait to gift it to a friend! They were ecstatic & loved it just as much as I’d hoped they would!!!! Thank you!!!!