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Very unique candle!

I got this candle as a gift from a coworker. It was really fun trying to pick up on certain scents in order to narrow down the choices! The candle smells great. My guess was jasmine, rose, violets, wood, and musk. Definitely has some florals!

Customer Satisfaction

Fast, Friendly. Excited to see my wife when she gets it. Brownie points 😁

Lovely, high quality vegan melts!

I bought several fragrances, and each one of them is not overbearing or headache-inducing, distinct, and very pleasant.

Disc Golf Candle
ryan t. (Walled Lake, MI)
Keeping the game alive

Candle smells wonderfull. It brings just a little bit of the disc golf world indoors during winter months here in michigan. Dio is a great company have purchased and will continue to purchase from their wide range of amazing scents.

Bubblegum Candle
corinne (Rochester, NY)
Original Bubble Gum scented candle!!!

This candle smells exactly like original bubble gum! I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have it lit right now.

Hawaiian Ohana Candle
Brittany M. (Raleigh, NC)
I can’t get enough of this scent

I want to bathe in this scent. That’s aggressive but it smells so good. I was worried my husband wouldn’t like it because he prefers “clean” scents while I love sweet or anything that smells like something tasty. This did not disappoint. Not only does my husband like it but my daughter said the house smells delicious!

Dublin Candle
Brittany M. (Raleigh, NC)
Absolutely incredible

I’m not even a coffee fan - and I am obsessed with this candle. It’s sweet and delicious smelling. I can’t put my finger on it. It brings me back to a happy memory as a kid.

Guess the Scent Game Candle
Deborah L. (Canal Fulton, OH)
Very fun contest!

My husband placed the order for my Birthday and I loved everything. My son said it reminded him of baby wipes only stronger scented. While we can’t do strong perfume scents in our house because of migraines, the scent brought back fond memories of my grandmother tending to her roses in her garden. On another note, your company is awesome to produce all of your scents in wax melt form. It allows customers that can’t have any open flames, due to oxygen use in the home,to enjoy to. Thank again.

Hey thanks for taking the time to write this review (and thanks for your purchase) I have contacted you to let you know the true answer for your Guess the Scent :) Have a great day!

Guess the Scent Game Candle
Tammy (Brampton, ON)
So much fun!

I absolutely love this idea. I super such at guessing scents, but adore the idea of this! And the combination of scents is never a failure with Natasha!!!


This candle takes me back to my childhood when I played baseball. That perfect combination of grass and dirt and aka a baseball diamond/field!!!! Nice for someone who doesn’t want a “smack you in the face” scent.

Video Store Candle
Tammy (Brampton, ON)
Takes me back!

This candle will take you back to a Friday night in the video store, picking out your next watch (likely a new release.) It’s a very nostalgic one for sure! And this label is pure bliss!

Perfect for Friday Nights

I like to light this when I'm watching thunderstorm livestreams. It also pairs well with Rhythm of the Rain by the Cascades when fully clothed at the far end of a shower with the lights off (don't knock it 'til you try it), just a very immersive experience overall. I find that most of the 'sniffing dirt during a storm' smell is when it's not lit, and a lily scent comes through more when it is.

Smells Like Afternoon Tea

Every time I light this I can almost feel the cake crumbling in my mouth. Reminds me of when my mum and I used to study together in a tearoom. Not overwhelmingly sugary, the tea and orange really cut through the sweetness well (actually almost reminds me of a honey cake we had this past Rosh Hashanah, which was delicious).

Italian Seaside Villa Candle
Ashley R. (Saint Charles, MO)
Take me away

This is what I would expect walking around town. Fresh, airy, a little hint of sweetness. It's a great coastal scent to bring you to the water.

Mountain Lodge Candle
Ashley R. (Saint Charles, MO)
Climb a mountain

This takes you to the mountains. It's musky, but fresh. It's the smell of an adventure for sure. Can be a great summer or fall scent.

Surf Club Candle
Ashley R. (Saint Charles, MO)
Summer is here!

The fruit, the coconut (I know that's also a fruit), the sweetness. This is the ultimate Summer party scent. It's a light scent, but you can smell so many different fruits. A great combo!

Chicago Candle
Ashley R. (Saint Charles, MO)

I really like the fresh scent. You get a hint of the sweet tones, but it's more a fresh and clean smell. This would be a great Spring scent.

Zombie Candle
Ashley R. (Saint Charles, MO)

Who knew human would smell so great?! First smell that hits your nose is the sweet maple, then the salty/savory of the wine and flesh (lol!). It's a great balance.

Hipster Dad Candle
Ashley R. (Saint Charles, MO)

The sweet of the coconut and the kick of bourbon balance this one well! It's a nice, relaxing scent.

Magazine Candle
Ashley R. (Saint Charles, MO)
Dio is magic

I really don't know how they do it. You close your eyes and smell this and it's like your face is buried in a magazine. It's blowing my mind!

Ginger Ale Soda Candle
Ashley R. (Saint Charles, MO)
Spot on smell!

I'm smelling this as I'm literally drinking a glass of ginger ale and the comparison is uncanny! It smells just like ginger ale! The ginger scent really makes it nice and takes it away from being too sweet.

Bubblegum Candle
corinne (Rochester, NY)
Grape Bubble Gum scented candle!!!!

This candle is so amazing!!!!! I have it lit right now in my living room and it is smells so great!!! Exactly like grape bubble gum!!! I love this candle so much!!! I had an issue with another candle I ordered (a different scent) and I contacted the owner and she has been nothing but extremely nice to me. She quickly resolved the issue and I am very excited to light that candle too next week after it is done with the "cure" process. This is my first time ordering from Dio candle company and my experience has been very pleasant. They are a great company and will ensure your satisfaction. I love my new candles and would love to purchase more candles from Dio. I recommend them!!!!

Mount Fuji Japan Candle
L.R.H. (Germantown, TN)
The scent is amazing….

The Mt. Fuji candle smells so good. I especially love the smell of the cypress and the gentle hint of amber. The scent is very soothing and relaxing, it is not overpowering at all. I am so happy I came across the Dio Candle. I cannot wait to order more. Thank you for making such a perfect candle!

221b Baker Street Candle
Jay (Laurel, MD)
Great Scent!

I've found yet another favorite from dio! Newspaper is the predominant scent and its similar to their Newspaper scent but the Baker Street scent has a stronger throw which I really enjoyed! The tobacco scent is also prominent which balances the newspaper scent very well. Highly recommend.

Guess the Scent Game Candle
Anonymous (Brooklyn, NY)
Enjoyable whether I figured it out or not!

Honestly, I tried thinking about what the scent could be, but stopped worrying about it and just enjoyed it, which was significantly easier to do. Even the person delivering my packages commented that it smelled very nice even from all the way across the apartment! Top marks from me.

Hey thanks for taking the time to write this review (and thanks for your purchase) I have contacted you to let you know the true answer for your Guess the Scent :) Have a great day!