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Halloween Year Round

I can't get enough of Halloween candles, and this one of the best ones ever! The blend of pumpkin, ginger, & clove is perfect. Not too sweet, not too pumpkin-ish. Halloween in a jar, for sure!

Fantastic Product!

The chakra candles are exactly what I was looking for! Got a sample of each - all perfectly balanced. Easy to work with the company and looking forward to private labeling this great product. Thank you!

Like frolicking in a rainstorm!

My wife wanted to recreate that rain scene from the Notebook and with these candles and a lawn sprinkler it was a cinch.

We LOVE our wax Melts! Dio candle made special sents just for us and they are absolutely INCREDIBLE!!! My house smells amazing and will always smell amazing with Dio candle on my side!!! 😉 #customerforlife

Custom Design Wholesale Ordering

I thought that my wholesale order was great. I absolutely love how cute these 1oz candles are. Petite and perfect for ocassion. And big enough to give your space a nice fresh smell. Thanks Dio for my order and signature scent.


We got the Pirates candle... Great product... Great smell... Love this company

Wonderful scent!

This Guess the Scent game is my favorite! I love the smell of this candle, and I thought I smelled mint, but I'm going with Melon, Eucalyptus, lavender, sage, amber cedar.
It smells wonderful, regardless!


Super crisp up front Apple In Your Face and I love it so much. A favorite of my mother’s- who is addicted to apple scented candles of all variety - this is her favorite. It burns just as strong as the initial sniff of the jar. Just recently ordered a large size as the smaller one was just an apple tease!

Smells Great!

This candle smells exactly like what I expected given the name and description. The earthiness of the leather and dirt are perfectly complemented by the sweetness of the carrot and nutmeg. I only wish the throw was a bit stronger


This is not our first order with this company, and for good reason. Their candles are delicious and super fun.

June Pride Tote Bag
Michelle G.
Great Bag, Great Message.

I was looking for a bag to show my support to the LGTBQIA community. If found this bag from Dio Candel Company and I absolutely love it! The print is so cute and the bag is sturdy and well built. I will be using this all year, not just June. Buy this bag! You will not regret it.

Great sent I love it (June 2022)

Picked up the Plumaria and Palm melts and I could not be happier. The sent is not only amazing but I love how Dio’s melts last and stay strong all the way through. Definitely put this on your list!

Just what I expected!

The candles came very timely and were super cute. Exactly what I expected. I got them as gifts for friends and the scents matched exactly as described.

Perfect Gift

I was so excited to give this little candle since we went to the blockbuster store for the nostalgia and it was missing the SMELL! Great label, delivery experience, and size.

Can’t wait to burn it!

This is my favorite so far of the guess the scent candles that I’ve received, and I’ve enjoyed all of them! I am excited to find out what it is so I can get some wax melts to match. It’s just a bonus would be if I guessed right!

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April Fools Candles or Wax Melts

Green Wonderful Smell!

I absolutely love this wax melt. To my nose it smells exactly like crushing tomato leaves between your fingers. Very green, fresh scent perfect for spring or summer or really any time of year. The tomato leaf, tomato puree and green stem are the predominant scents to me. Throw is great based on the wax melts.

Home Movie Magic

It really helps make our home movies that much more special! Sets the mood and matches the blockbuster aroma!!

amazing scent

I bought this as a gift. It smelled amazing and they said they cannot wait to burn it

Great scent

This is not your average pine car freshener scent. This is a very complex aroma that is very realistic and smells just like pine needles on the Christmas tree. Great throw with the wax melts.

Scent of the Month
Jennifer B.
Childhood memories (May 2022)

You known when you smell something and it instantly brings you back to that time/memory? That's this smell for sure!!! 90's cologne smell that is not overwhelming but relaxing if that makes sense. If you like a more masculine smell, aka cologne types, this is the scent for you! I would recommend this to everyone! Definitely brought me back to happy memories!!


love this collection purchased most of the roots the throat chakra and solar plexus are my favorite

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Great Game to Play

This is driving me insane because I am still unsure if I am right! I have been crossing off the guesses on the back of my candle to narrow this down. I love making other people take a whiff of this candle and hear their guesses. I will want to play this again!

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Smaller than Expected

The candle is slightly smaller than I expected, but I believe that is a 'me' thing and not the 'seller' thing. Scent is super strong and it arrived quickly in great, professional packaging that kept the jars safe. Great seller - thanks!