About Us

We started making candles in 2016 and when word started spreading past our tiny circle we put a name on it! And the name? It’s pronounced “DEE-Oh” (a family nickname.) We love working with 100% soy! Our soy wax supports american farmers, burns longer than toxic paraffin, and is one of the most eco-friendly choice of scented candles on the market.

Thoughtfully Created

We pride ourselves on creating unique, scentsationally-accurate soy candles and wax melts with Adorable names and graphic labels. We only use premium fragrance oil and essential oils in our scented products, so you get the very best experience, every time! Our fragrances are paraben free and mixed with essential oils.

100% Recyclable + Reusable for Multipurpose

Did you know? Glass is infinitely recyclable! It can be used forever, for real!! Fastened with metal lids for maximum fragrance preservation. Wax Melts are packaged in plastic clamshells.

Dio Candle Company doesn’t use any fancy machinery like other so-called hand-poured candle companies

We do things the old-fashioned way, mixing our candles by hand in a trade-secret fashion that allows our premium fragrance to bond seamlessly with vegan soy wax molecules. Pouring them by hand in small batches allows us the most personal level of quality control there is. Our wicks are custom made just for us with 100% natural fibers (lead free) for an ideal burn performance. We lid our jars at just the right time during the curing process to ensure all candles have maximum scent throw impact!

Our Story begins...

Hi, my name is Natasha and I’m a lifelong retail employee turned entrepreneur. When a best friend gifted me a handmade candle a few years ago, I quickly became obsessed with making my own. My husband Michael and I moved across the country in June 2016 to Denver, Colorado - where we started Dio Candle Company!

Between us, we have over 35 years’ experience working in retail customer service!

Customer service is our cornerstone and top priority, and something we take very seriously. We promise to deliver the service you’d expect from a large professional company with the attention to detail and humility of a small family business!

I myself am pretty small in stature. 'Fun-sized' is what my friends called me. I thought, hmmmm. I have an idea....

We knew we wanted our company to inspire admiration and joy, but how would we stand out from the crowd?

The day we opened a box of our signature Adorable Size Candle jars, I squealed with delight! Actually, to be honest I think I ran around the house yelling “Oh my God!!! Oh my God!!”

We’ve grown quite a bit since our first tiny candle, now offering 4oz, 8oz, and 32oz candle options as well as fan-favorite wax melts

We excitedly showed our friends who exclaimed “Adorable! That is the cutest candle EVER!” and so was born the original Adorable Size Candle® (the smallest glass jar candle in the world.)

We want you to you love our company as much as we do

We work hard to come up with Adorable ideas and names to make you smile. Please do not hesitate to reach out with new scent suggestions, product questions, comments, concerns or just to say hi and to tell us you love our candles – we love customer feedback and always respond to email within 48 hours of receipt.

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