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Peaches - Dirt

Size: 8 oz Candle
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Didn't anyone tell you? There's no crying in baseball! Cheer up with this summer peaches and baseball diamond dirt inspired fragrance that'll have you laying off the high ones, mule.

Scent Profile: Peaches - Dirt

• Top Notes: Clementine, Raspberry, Coconut, Dry Dirt
• Mid Notes: Peach, Violet, Plum, Camphor, Amber, Wet Soil
• Base Notes: Vanilla, Birch, Cedar, Sugar

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Christine B.
I was thrilled to find this candle

I was thrilled to find this candle, as I am having a League of Their Own movie party, and this is the perfect little touch to add to me decor. Smells just like you are coming to watch the Rockford Peaches play ball! Love, love, love this!

Stacy K.
smells super yummy! i love it

smells super yummy! i love it

Denise (Laurelton, NJ)
Should have bought the bigger size!

I really enjoyed this one. Love the movie but also the earthy dirt smell paired with sweet peach. I just wish it were a smidge more powerful. Just when it was almost burnt out is when it finally filled the house - leaving me wanting much more! Def buying again, but in the larger size. I crave more just like stillwell angel craved his candy bars 😂

Jennifer (Longmont, CO)
Peaches & Dirt, Who'da Thunk?

Honestly, though, the combination of peaches and dirt is PERFECT. One of my new favorites!

Donna R. (Austin, TX)

Smells like warm peaches! Now I want peaches


It reminds me of the peach gummy rings with a hint of dirt. I know that sounds weird but it really works together.

Echo (Chilliwack, BC)

At first smell, I smelled dirt. When I breathed it in deeper. I could smell the peaches. Now when I smell it, it’s a perfect blend that has a nice fruity scent. It’s fresh peaches in the summer.

Jenny (Winnetka, IL)
Peachy goodness!

YUM! this one smells so good- just like peaches :)

Natasha E. (Burglengenfeld, BY)
Peachy earth smell

Reminds me of warm summer days outside. The scent of peach is strong with a hint of dirt.
May seem like a strange mix of scents... but it's actually surprisingly satisfying.

Lindsay (Edmonton, AB)

This is like eating a juicy fresh peach on a hot summer day when the juice runs all over your dirty from playing hands and chin. It’s childhood in a jar , and I love it.

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