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Black Tea - Lemon Wedge

Size: 8 oz Candle
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Freshly steeped black tea with a splash of lemon just like grandma used to make! “There is something in the nature of tea that leads us into a world of quiet contemplation of life.” -Lin Yutang. Enjoy this hot tea scented fragrance alongside your own cuppa tea.

Scent Profile: Black Tea - Lemon

• Top Notes: Orange Zest
• Mid Notes: Lemon, Musk
• Base Notes: Black Tea, Sandalwood

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Lori P. (Long Beach, NY)
Cuppa Tea

I would bathe in the scent of this candle if I could!

Perfect candles for tea lover gifts. Thank...

Perfect candles for tea lover gifts. Thank you!

Lori P. (Long Beach, NY)

I ordered the Cuppa Tea candle . It burns all day long and follows me from room to room. The smell is amazing and calming.

Hailey L. (Ann Arbor, MI)
Just like relaxing with a cozy cup of tea!

This is one of my favorite Dio scents - it is light, refreshing and cozy all in one.

Ashley (Cincinnati, OH)
Tea Lovers Dream

This. Candle. There isn't enough space too say how much I love this one. It speaks right to my tea loving heart. The splash of lemon is sharp and lovely. Smells like a nice glass of freshly brewed tea. Perfect tea candle!

Tammy (London, ON)
Another new fave!

Smelling like the most amazing cup of tea, this candle makes my heart soar because I am such a tea granny!!! It smells so lovely and the black tea scent is what shines for me!!! I cannot wait to upgrade!!!!

Taylor (Nashville, GA)
It smells pretty.

I know pretty isn’t normally a term to describe a scent but that was my first thought! This candle has such a fresh lemon scent (not a floor cleaner scent!) and the tea is very subtle.

Loni (Penticton, BC)
Brilliant and Beautiful

I'm head over heels in love with this candle. The bright scent notes of the citrusy lemon paired with the smooth black tea are incredible. This was most definitely my favourite candle from the So Cozy box. I'd love a cup of this tea everyday!

Echo (Chilliwack, BC)
The perfect cup of tea

This was my favourite from the box. It’s dead on with the black tea and lemon wedge scent. It’s that cup of tea that’ll wake you up or to end a long day. The pink colour is so cute for it as well. The label is adorable and suits the scent so nicely too.

Meredith (New York, NY)
Fresh, bright scent

I really like this scent! It's fresh and bright with a strong and pleasant note of lemon. The wax is a beautiful pink (especially when burning) and the label is so pretty. I'm not a tea drinker (though I love how it smells), but this candle somehow still evokes a cup of hot tea for me.

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