Planet Earth Candle

Scent: Soil

Smells like


Earth: The 3rd Planet from the Sun. Home to all known life in the universe. It’s distinct colors and aroma are unlike anywhere else in the cosmos! Celebrate our only home with this natural soil scent!

Customer Reviews

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Weird, but Really Spectacular!

When I first sniffed this candle, I instantly was reminded of gardening with my mom when I was younger! This candle smells like wet soil, and I am so confused and impressed at how Natasha was able to recreate this scent in her candle. While it's not necessarily something that I want to smell all the time, I have to give them 5 stars for making such an accurate candle!

3rd Rock from the Sun scented

This candle smells exactly like fresh soil. That may sound strange but it’s a clean, fresh scent. I LOVE this candle!

A good dirt smell

This is totally a good dirt smell. Not a dirty dirt, but like a pretty accurate after the rain gardening dirt. The best kind of dirt. 😂 I don’t know how to describe it... it really just smells like Earth and I LOVE it. 🌍


While the scent was very soft for me, I did love the themeing of the colors.

The best kind of dirt smell

This is perfect. If you love outdoorsy scents, give this one a go. It smells like rich wet soil, but in the best way. My husband and I are going to fight over this one. Plus the colour marbling is amazing and the vibrancy of the label is stunning in person !


This was an interesting candle. If you like the great outdoors, hiking, fishing, 4 wheeling, and you like the smell of all of that wrapped into one- this candle is right up your alley. If you haven't been to the mountains for awhile, but then you take a trip, get out of the car and take a deep breath- this candle is what you would smell. My only issue with this candle is that it's a bit too strong for me.

So Earthy

If someone were to ask “what does Earth smell like”, you can give them this candle. It is earthy and just like spending summer days rolling in the dirt and grass. The marbled coloring are distinctly earth and the label is such a pretty blue.

Holding earth in your hands

It’s about as Earthy as any earth candle will get. The colours are so cute too! It’s not really my kind of scent, it’s definitely a great scent for anyone who likes earthy smells.


This candle is amazing! Like, I was truly amazed! It smells EXACTLY like fresh soil in a greenhouse! Out of all the candles in the monthly box, this one was the one that brought memories of my childhood slamming back!

10 Stars

I literally feel like I am putting my nose up to wet soil and inhaling. It smells sooooo good. I absolutely love this candle!! From the scent to the gorgeous label to the colours! I cannot wait to get burning this one!!! You should definitely pick yourself up one of these!!!

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No Lawn No Problem

Moved from a house to a condo and I miss the smell of my lawn. This candle let’s me relive my lawn without the work!

Very Adorable Monthly Upgrade
Absolutely Magical

I was so blown away by how incredibly awesome this Adorable Monthly was. Each candle had such a unique and beautiful holiday scent. And the labels that Natasha had made are stunning! I’m so glad I went with the upgrade and can enjoy these candles for longer!

Still is my favorite candle! Close your eyes and think of your favorite spot in the woods :)

221b Baker Street

This candle smells great! I love the newspaper scent and the hint of coffee, it's one of my favorite candle scents!

Gamer Gift Perfection!

This candle smells like long hours gaming and snacks your mom doesn't approve of. I bought one for each of my kids, and I know they're going to make Christmas morning a lot brighter!