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What is a sunshower?

Answer: a Sunshower is a magically rare experience where rain falls while the sun is still shining. It usually only happens on very windy days, when rain clouds' droplets are carried on the wind miles away to sunny areas. The result is the best of everything - warm sunshine, cool rain, and earthy petrichor. 

Scent Profile: Rain - Jasmine - Salt

• Top Notes: Petrichor, Citrus, Grass, Ozone
• Mid Notes: Cool Rain, Wet Soil, Jasmine, Lavender
• Base Notes: Sea Salt, Light Musk, Lemon

Burn Times

Use your candles + melts for 3 hour intervals and they will last and last!

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4,000+ 5⭐️ REVIEWS

4,000+ 5⭐️ REVIEWS

4428 reviews
Good candle

This candle really smells like bubblegum, obviously that may not be everyone's cup of tea but it is definitely mine. Would recommend!

Love it

This candle smells so good!


Bought this as a gift for a co-worker who loves Japan. Happy with the buy. The candles are teeny, but adorable. Scents are great. Packaging is great, which I think contributes to the cost. Wish the candles were a little bigger, but purchased more for the novelty of the gift. This company is awesome. Recommend!

Love of the Irish

Being Irish, myself, I love that this scent exists. Just as described.


Love this one. Perfect for fall. Maple, apples, light, fresh. Like the best autumn day.