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Lemon - Cream

Size: 8 oz Candle
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This bright and cheery lemon and cream fragrance is the perfect expression of joy to encapsulate the adventure of learning! Citrusy lemon and creamy vanilla base is enjoyable all year long!

Scent Profile: Lemon - Cream

• Top Notes: Lemon, Orange
• Mid Notes: Rose, Birch, Vanilla
• Base Notes: Wood, Cream

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Tammy (London, ON)
Love the lemon!!!

I really love the lemony scent of this one. And the label of this one is vibrant and fun!!! Also, GLITTER!!! Who doesn't love glitter!!! I haven't lit this one yet, but I can't wait to experience the scent of it in my space!!!!!

Elizabeth (Mississauga, ON)
Please Let This Be A Normal Field Trip!

The Magic School Bus was one of my all time favourite shows. I still love watching episodes of it. Having a candle to kind of represent that show is amazing! This candle smells so good to me. There is a slight citrus smell, along with something else that I couldn't quite pin point. It'll be exciting to see what the scent notes actually are.

Echo (Chilliwack, BC)
Ms. Frizzle?

Step inside it's a wilder ride!
Come on! Ride on THE MAGIC SCHOOL BUS!“

If only we all had a Ms. Frizzle, school trips would be so much more fun. It’s such a wonderful lemon scent and the glitter makes it even more magical.

Lindsay (Edmonton, AB)
Smells Nothing Like A Bus! - That's a good thing!

Lemony, creamy goodness with some hints of leathery notes- at least to my nose. I love the scent, the colour and of course the sparkles! This is definitely going on the "must re-purchase when it runs out" list.

Angelina (Vienna, 9)
sparkly !

i wish all busses smelled liked this ;) it’s delicious ! smells like my favorite lemon tarts ! clean and fresh, just divine

Loni (Penticton, BC)
Magic in a Candle

Wow, if all buses smelled like this, there would be a lot more people taking public transportation. ;) This was hands down my favourite candle in the box. The sweet lemony scent is everything I could hope for in a candle. There is a beautiful smoothness that makes it so addicting. The bright yellow color is like sunshine on a cloudy day, add in those sparkles on top and you have an amazing combination.

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