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Musk - Lemongrass - Seawater

Size: 8 oz Candle
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If you’ve heard the tale of the bottomless blue, then look out! A mermaid be waiting for you in mysterious fathoms below! Mermaids fascinate and captivate people all over the world! Inspired by their legendary beauty, this fragrance is feminine and aquatic.

Scent Profile: Musk - Lemongrass - Seawater

• Top Notes: Lemongrass, Sea Salt, Papaya
• Mid Notes: Seawater, Ocean Spray
• Base Notes: Musk, Sandalwood

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Kathryn (Hammond, LA)

I love this beautiful scent and the candle burns slow. I burn this at the same time as the Never never land candle and it’s the perfect combo!

Sarah (Santa Rosa Beach, FL)
Smells Incredible!

One of my favorites so far! I love the scent, and the color is perfect for a mermaid candle!

Jennifer (Longmont, CO)
I Want a Tail

I absolutely love the color of this one, to start, and the label is freaking beautiful. The musk in this is a really nice touch mixed with the lemongrass and seawater. This has a bit of a different vibe to it and I really like it.

Ashley A. (Emeryville, CA)
Smells Amazing!

I ordered this candle along with a bunch of others as gifts, and they’re absolutely perfect! The mermaid one in particular might be my favorite smell. It’s hard to describe it… Like ocean and grass maybe? I dunno, their descriptions are way better than mine haha. Plus, the label is beautiful! I love the watercolor design. Might have to order another just for me :)

Loni (Penticton, BC)
Ariel Would Approve

This is everything I could have hoped for in a Mermaid candle. Firstly it's a beautiful seafoam green color, and the label is so cute whimsical. The scent is fresh, but also have a depth to it that has you thinking of those mysterious fathoms below! ;)

Elizabeth (Stoney Creek, ON)
Fathoms Below

I’m so in love with the ocean smell that comes through. It makes me feel calm and refreshed. I think the only thing that could’ve made this candle better was some glitter, make it sparkle like the water and mermaid tail!

Lindsay (Edmonton, AB)
Mermaids Smell Good

I like this one, it smells like really fancy high-end hand soap that you'd get at a luxury hotel, in all the best ways. It's musky, but not overwhelming. The lemongrass adds a nice note of slight sweetness. I feel like a classy lady when I burn this one.

Angelina (Vienna, 9)
very nice !

this smells so good and fresh ! like the ocean :) the label is really cute and pretty too !

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