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Coriander - Vanilla Bean
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Size: 8 oz Candle
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This very unique scent will capture your imagination and send it soaring! Earthy tones of coriander and eastern spices will light up your heart with a yearning sense of adventure! A very intriguing vanilla blend for a very intriguing culture!

Scent Profile: Coriander - Vanilla Bean

• Top Notes: Coriander
• Mid Notes: Spice, Tobacco
• Base Notes: Vanilla Bean

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Premium Fragrance

100% All Natural Soy
Cotton Paper Wicks (No Lead)
Recyclable Clear Glass
Metal Lids
Plastic Clamshell (Wax Melts)

burn times

Use your candles and melts for 3-4 hour intervals for best performance and preservation. 32oz candles are made-to-order in single-batches, please allow extra time for processing/curing. 1oz Adorable Size Candles are the world's smallest glass jar candles.

Customer Reviews

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Lucy U. (Saint Cloud, MN)
Sparkles, Sweetness, and Spice

I love many things adventure themed and this candle is no exception. The glitter is beautiful against the purple wax. The cold throw has a sort of caramel scent to it with the smallest bit of tang I smelled in the 221b Baker St. candle. I'm still wondering if that's the tobacco. I can also detect the orange-like fragrance of the coriander, which I doubted would be good inside a candle but I've changed my mind. The hot throw is about the same but the coriander is stronger, which is very yummy and comforting. I could burn this while reading The Adventures of Tintin. Thank you!

Jennifer (Longmont, CO)
Aladdin is Calling

Okay, so, first off: GLITTER! I love when I get a candle topped with glitter cause I never anticipate it. This candle smells absolutely amazing. Spicy, but it's got a sweetness to it that I'm so loving.

Tammy (London, ON)
Take me to a whole new world

I want to eat this candle. Okay, maybe not, but I want this candle burning around me ALL THE TIME!!!! It smells SO SO wonderful!!! I absolutely love the spices! It smells just as good unlit as it does lit!!!! I would like a 1000oz candle please, Natasha!!!!!

Lindsay (Edmonton, AB)
Shining, Shimmering, Splendid

It took me way too long to decide to try this candle and I bought the wrong size, I should have gotten a bigger one because this is amazing! The colour, the glitter, the stunning label are all great but the coriander and vanilla scent smell like spicy baking and I love it! Next time I’ll get a bigger one.

Sebrina (Chicago, IL)

First, this is a beautiful candle. Aesthestics aside, it smells amazing! It's not overwhelming but you can definitely smell it.
Like other reviewers have said, I can't put my finger on it exactly but it doesn't matter. It smells lovely and is on my list of "I need a bigger size of this."

Angel (Elgin, SC)
A Whole New World

I have to say, I think this was my favorite candle from my order (I loved them all). It smells so amazing!!!

Danie K.
This review has no content.

This review has no content.

Kathryn (Hammond, LA)
Delicious smelling!

We got the adorable size and the scent easily filled our large living room! My little one always says it smells like pancakes and syrup. So good, it will make your mouth water. Plus it’s filled with beautiful glitter!

Shimmering, shinning, splendid!

One of my favorite candles! This candle has a gorgeous purple wax color with glitter that makes it mesmerizing to look it when it's burning. It smells deliciously sweet, I love that the entire living room smells amazing when I light this candle. The label is also beautiful! A must have candle!

Loïc W.
very good quality candles

very good quality candles

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